Amanda Bynes Leaves Hospital For Rehab Center With No Psychiatric Facilities

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Amanda Bynes has bolted from UCLA Medical Center, where she'd been residing, for a rehab center across the county which has no psychiatric facilities.

What is going on here?


The actress, 27, was being treated for severe mental illness at UCLA, but is now living at a fancy Malibu rehab center that caters to celebrities instead.

It's shocking, really, because according to TMZ, the facility does not have the psychiatric facilities available at UCLA, and Amanda Bynes is in a desperate state. 

Even more incredibly, she was under a special hold, called an LPS, which her doctors were granted because they were so concerned about her well being.

It had been speculated she might remain there until next year or even 2015.

Basically, someone high up had to approve this, and it's unclear why anyone would. Even crazier still? Amanda checked in to The Canyon three weeks ago.

Somehow, no one knew about this OR any explanation of why.

According to reports, she interacts with people very little and rarely leaves the area where she lives. She is said to be "paranoid" the paparazzi will find her.

Amanda is not wearing her wig, at least.

The Canyon, interestingly, got in big trouble in 2011 when an employee allegedly sold confidential information about Brooke Mueller during her stay. 

Again, there is zero information on why the change of venue was made, given that the prior location seems far more capable of treating her condition.

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"What is going on here?" She's mental. Does someone think she'll make a good decision in her current state of mind? Absurd!


I thought her mother had control overbhervwell being. Perhaps this is a step toward living with her parents. The public should not speculate andcTMZ should be careful that their reportingndoesntbdo more harm.


I feel terribly for this young woman. I really do hope that she gets the best care possible so that she can make a legitimate recovery. I still hope that her family becomes her conservator over her financial affairs. She needs all the help she can get.