Aaryn Gries' Mom: She's Not Racist, She Took a Black Guy to the Prom!

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Big Brother star Aaryn Gries' mother is defending her foul-mouthed little girl, claiming she can't be racist because she took a black guy to the high school prom.

Seriously. Gotta love that time-honored, always-effective (not) defense.

Aaryn Gries Bikini Photo

Gries was evicted from Big Brother and immediately grilled last week, offering some of the laments excuses for her conduct you could ever imagine.

Still, Aaryn's mom is by her side, citing the black prom date and also pointing out that the reality star once dated a "Cuban American." So THERE!

Oh, and she says the Big Brother 15 star sponsored a Filipino child through a charity and "she has cousins of Japanese descent who she truly loves."

As for gays, Aaryn Gries "has never discriminated against anyone for sexual orientation whether within our family or not. Aaryn truly loves all people equally."

Her conduct on the CBS reality show suggests otherwise.

On that note, "While I love and continue to support my daughter Aaryn, words cannot describe my disappointment in some of her comments on Big Brother."

Elizabeth Gries laments that "These inappropriate comments certainly do not represent the value system under which her father and I have raised her."

We're guessing Julie Chen would agree.


you know you're a racist....when you defend your actions with...."i'm not racist, i have black friends........or took one to the prom."


big deal...so she went to the prom with an African American...you sound as dumb as your daughter for even making such a statement...


Aaryn Gries's mom needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! By trying to justify Aaryn's behavior (or whatever), Elizabeth Gries is only making herself look stupid...same as Aaryn. Like mother, like daughter. VERY DUMB AS HELL!!!!!


Aryan's actions don't matter, it's her words that betray her. I hope she gets aids and dies! She's a bad person!


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Ohhhh please go ahead a state your case. Sure all the world is waiting. The only thing worse than racism is watching someone try and defend it be it true or untrue. You sure you don't want to talk about the BJ she gave in the Bahamas last year! Unbelievable.

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