Ziva's Successor to Be Cast on NCIS: Who is Bishop?

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Ziva is out. Her successor is in.

While NCIS fans are still reeling from the shocking news that Cote de Pablo won't return, the show is prepping to introduce a new character in Bishop.

Ziva on NCIS

The twentysomething newcomer is being described as "bright, educated, athletic, attractive, fresh-faced, focused and somewhat socially awkward."

"She has a mysterious mixture of analytic brilliance, fierce determination and idealism. She's traveled extensively, but only feels comfortable at home."

Viewers will most likely meet Bishop later in NCIS Season 11, most likely January or February, after the show gives de Pablo's character, Ziva, a proper goodbye.

The fan favorite will be written out of TV's top-rated series immediately when it returns for its 11th season premiere Tuesday, September 24 on CBS.


This is bullshit. I love Ziva if it is not broken why fix it. She was better than stuck up sasha{Kate} Ziva character was awesome. Gibbs team is a family. This is a disappointment.
Cote is a beautiful Hispanic woman. Better looking than most of the Hispanic woman on TV. Sorry Cote you will be miss. I hope you make it really big and make them regret they let you go. Much love to you. GOOD LUCK


I agree Mary Anne gotta wait for Bishop who may just be a great addition, hopefully.

@ susie

Who is bishop?


This really sucks!!! I lived her character.


the nephew of the minister.


I always said if they replaced Ziva's character I would stop watching NCIS. Her character was as interesting as unpredictable as Gibbs. I will just have to wait and see.

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