VMA Fashion: The Best, The Worst, The Most Ridiculous

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You've seen the performances and you've read the list of winners.

Now it's time to get to the true heart of the MTV Video Music Awards: THE FASHION!

Miley Cyrus wore her hair in horns. Rita Ora donned a very long, feathered train. Taylor Swift went glam. Katy Perry showed off a grill. And Richard Simmons... showed up.

Who was the Best Dressed? The Worst Dressed? The Most Ridiculously and Hilariously Absurd Dressed? Compare a trio of huge artists in the following video and then scroll down for a montage of red carpet photos from the VMAs:

  • Selena Gomez at the VMAs
  • Richard Simmons at the VMAs
  • Taylor Swift at the VMAs
  • Rita Ora at the VMAs
  • Katy Perry, Grill
  • Snooki at the VMAs
  • Ariana Grande at the VMAs
  • Jennifer Hudson VMA Outfit
  • Daft Punk at the VMAs
  • Adam Lambert at the VMAs
  • Austin Mahone at the VMAs
  • Lil Kim at the VMAs
  • Drake at the VMAs
  • Will Smith at the VMAs
  • Harry Styles at the VMAs
  • Ciara at the 2103 VMAs
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Trash with money.


please miley, stop with this tongue-crap................AND STAY AWAY FROM THE PODIUM FOR A FEW MONTHS!!

@ abe


@ abe

I agree. I think I've seen more of her tongue than I have of my own of late. Enough!!! It's not appealing anymore Miley.

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