Top Chef Masters Recap: These Little Chefs Went to Market...

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The second episode of Top Chef Masters Season featured a mise en place race… a trip to an Asian night market… and Katy Lee Gifford!

Yes, the Today Show co-host stopped by as a surprise late into the hour, helping to critique the Elimination Challenge.

It tasked the contestants will taking an American classic and whipping it up with an Asian twist. And let's just say Gifford did not lack for eye rolls.

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Elsewhere: Francis blew the critics away with the complexity of his flavors, while Douglas' Cookies and Cream concoction was simply to die for. Or at least not get eliminated for.

Who did get the boot and for what reason? Our friends at Food Fanatic have penned an extensive Top Chef Masters review. Check it out now!


Did it totally escape your reviewer's ears that Gail Simmons described the venue as "P.O.W. CHIC"? How utterly tasteless and crass a statement to make. Is this now considered a description in our vernacular or did she coin that phrase all by herself? An apology is due to many people.

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