Thomas Gibson: Catfishing Video NOT Cheating on Wife ... We're Separated

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Thomas Gibson is addressing the embarrassing catfishing video that surfaced online over the weekend, claiming he and his wife are actually separated.

A source close to the actor tells TMZ that he wasn't pulling a fast one on his wife Christine Gibson by conducting an online relationship with a catfisher.

They're separated, in fact ... and not even recently.

It's an unusual setup, but Thomas and Christine Gibson still live together for the sake of their children, but haven't been "together" since early 2011.

That's six months before he started messing around with one of his Twitter fans, who posed as a porn star and began trading pics and videos with him.

The two carried on a "relationship" for two years - the Thomas Gibson catfish video (above) was filmed last winter - before he realized he was being had.

The Criminal Minds star's lawyers told the woman, whoever she is, to cease communication recently. Do you believe the actor's explanation?

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OOPS didn't mean to post as guest.
ANYWAYS. Thomas is the man, so leave him the fuck alone.
Love, Raychel K


What a pathetic bitch for doing that to him !!!! How idiotic to fake someone like that. Poor Thomas !
GIBSON your video was adorably awkward, I thought its cute, so fuck everyone else. You're still my future husband and we're still gunna get buck the fuck wild 24-7/ 365. Get ready. Get ready to get crazy.
Crazy NASTY !!!!!! HAAHAHA. Really tho.
<3 Raychel K. :*