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The whole season was bad. This show has lost it's shine to me. I do think Ryan was out of line and it's time he and Briana moved out. Very disappointed in Heather, I thought she was above some of the crap she pulled this season. Lydia leaves me cold, Tamra and Vicki deserve each other, Alexis is phony and I hope Gretchen and Slade are very happy together.


You bet, Ryan needs to get the F out of that house. How dare he act that way to any guest or woman or anyone for that matter that he doesn't even know. From what I've seen of this kid, he has a real bad attitude and I can guarantee by the way I've seen him act and treat people he is abusive with Brianna too. He needs to go...They all need to go and find their own place. He is too militant.

On another note. Glad I am not friends with these women...She said this, she told me that, I heard you said this that and the other. No one can keep a secret when they need too and most of them are crap stirrers and back stabbers. What an ending. Loved seeing little Lydia finally growing up and telling off Slade...


Vickie, you need to get Ryan out of your home pronto and I wouldn't be too sure he is good for your daughter anymore. His temper was borderline scary and I am sorry, he is being a little possessive as well. It is YOUR house!!!! He shouldn't talk to any guest of yours that way nor should he tell you not to allow Brooks over. IT IS YOUR HOME! I'm not a big fan of Brooks either, but that is your choice to make!

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