The Real Housewives of Orange County Season Finale Recap: Party Foul

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There's drama afoot at Vicki's end-of-season party on The Real Housewives of Orange County

But then it wouldn't really be an OC party without drama, now would it? No, it wouldn't.

Let's dissect the drama one more time with our THG +/- recap.

Gossip Girls

Slade and Gretchen arrive at Vicki's party and can't find anyone. Because they're all sitting around talking about Gretchen and Slade. Minus 12.

Slade pays Lydia an actual compliment and she calls him a douche anyway. Two wrongs and a right, or something, I guess. Minus 4.

Ryan tells Slade and Gretchen that Brooks isn't allowed on the property because he's not a great man and he's a liar and Brooks is bad. Vicki's on the phone with Brooks while that's all going down.

Lydia brings her mom to the party. Maybe Grandma brought the party favors?

Heather and Gretchen have a chat where Heather says she'd never throw Gretchen under the bus with people in the industry. Heather's acting a little jealous, to be honest. It doesn't flatter her at all. Minus 8.

She hears nothing Gretchen has to say about how Gretchen feels and only says "No, you're wrong for feeling that way." Then Heather calls Gretchen and Slade out for their behavior at Hot in Cleveland.

And that's when she has a point. 

Heather admits to being hurt and making the Malibu Country stuff sound worse than it was because of being hurt. Then Heather says that when she's wrong, she admits she's wrong.

Except Heather doesn't seem to think she's wrong? 

Gretchen can't apologize for doing the wrong thing in getting up and leaving during the filming. Heather can't apologize for being condescending.

They call it a wash. Plus 5?

Vicki, Slade and Gretchen

Vicki gives Tamra another friendship bracelet. A bigger, nicer bracelet than the one Gretchen gave her. Oh well. Plus 5 because something's better than nothing?

Tamra finally makes amends with Jim Bellino in an emotional apology, then says she's happy she can be the bigger person in cases such as this.

Don't give yourself too much credit, T ... but progress is progress. Plus 10.

"I own live here," Ryan says, chastising Lydia's mom Judy for putting her feet up on the table at the party ... think there's some tension building up here?

Minus 20 for lashing out in such a way at someone clearly not trying to cause trouble or an argument - whatever issues they have beneath the surface.

Lydia gathers her mom and gets ready to go when Vicki runs after them to prevent them from leaving, at which point Ryan continues to lose his $h!t.

Ryan and Vicki have it out, and the tension is clearly all about Brooks, who Vicki says she will start seeing again - even as Briana threatens to move out.

Call it a Wash on that whole situation, where no one comes across well.

Vicki busts out her new Bacon Vodka (in honor of her "Miss Piggy" nickname) ... and then sticks it to Slade for his derogatory remarks about women.

The gang backs Vicki on this one, and Plus 20 for that. Slade's not all bad, as he's shown recently, but there's no excusing some of the things he says.

Lydia lashes out again Slade and Gretchen, calling them both "dirty." As we head into the reunion, we have a feeling this beef is far from over. Plus 15.

Heather sums it up best: "This year has been interesting. It's been mercurial. Exciting at times; incredibly upsetting at times ... but that's friendship."

Plus 5 to all you ladies on one heck of a RHOC Season 8.



I so agree.gretchen is a beast!and the douche bag slade,look at the beautifull ladys of oc.and look at what you got.ha ha talk about plastic.her hair wouldn't move id tornado hit dam ugly always.he just after $ and being on show.1st hoe laurie,then jojo who I liked.he didn't deserve her.and now dog face.&has balls to cut down bet all I have gretchen paid for her own ring.she wouldn't look up or at anyone when said they went half.ya right.go ahead retchen you do deserve douche bag.keep payen&he,ll all the other ladys and enjoy this show.(but will quit if keeps ryan&brianne on.get that maniac off.mabey he will think twice before getten in womans face screamen.he's a bitch!


If you read other comments on ryan.people got address to his many furious at him.a example of our wonderfull marines.he screamed at,kicked out(he owns,rents)this nice woman.somone needs to kick his ass!! Vickie gota see he's a danger to abusing her daughter&grandson.look at his pure evil face.he was gona hit angry over a couch.&bri didn't say much.think she's scared of showen true colors.pray marines do not give him a wepon&send off.he needs major help.&get out of vickies house both you freeloaders.poor vickie,he put up cameras to see who comen to house,all over outside.just freaken weird! Bravo get rid of him&brianna.he's goen hurt her watch.I give him a yr.if hasn't already.shame on u vickie.your the hostess.handle your son in law before he does you for your money.


I think its so stupid that on this seasons reunion that they are talking about gretchen and Jeff. Really ladys why the hell does any of that matter now. Seriously he has past away and i think its very disrespectful to say she cheated on him and so on. Drop it already. Whether she did or not what does it matter? It doesnt affect your lives and they keep brining up cuz shs wont own it that she did this or that well who cares it shpuldnt have really been brought up in the first place.
I like all the ladys of the oc housewives except vicki i think vicki doesnt want anyome to be happy cuz she is single and off amd on with brooks all the time and so on and probly. Bothers her that she is the oldest in the group lol also vicki acts like a child and the way ryan treated lydia's mom was soooooooo F-ed up seriously who acts like that over her putting her feet up and she is the nicest lady and he LIAD she did not cuss at him he should be a shammed of his self and also she is not a bitch. I thought it was redic rhar vicki is such a bitch she didnt stand up to ryan as much or really at all like she shpuld have and it seemed the only reason why she didnt want them to leave cuz she wanted to make sure everyone at the end of tge day would stay her friend seems selfish and not caring like she invited them back for the wrong reasons
Anyways what i thought was funny was how breanna was saying when u come into my moms house u take your shoes off...and so on but what r u talking about when alexis and lydia came over and thats when they listen to slades radio show with vicki their shoes were on the whole time in the living room so she ovesiously does not care about taking shoes off that much. Her daughter just wanted to stick up for her husband when he was so wrong which was so wrong i dont care who you are if yiu are wrong you are wrong


Ryan is such a piece of shit. How dare him act that way and totally lie while saying Lydia's mom was the one cursing at him when it was the other way around. He seriously needs to not even come home. Brianna and her baby are better off without him! Vicki is right, he is a loose cannon. I'd be afraid to live with someone like that, he's definitely messed up in the head. Vicki needs to kick them all out and live her life! Shes a grown woman and can date whoever she wants. Brooks may or may not be on the show for the right reasons but she'll soon see that if its true. Slade and the money hungry, lying, cheating, whore Gretchen need to just disappear! I cannot stand either of them! Slade has so many insecurities that he makes fun of the way all these woman look. While your fiancé looks like she's had way TOO many injections and shit done to her face. She actually looks at least 10 years older than she did her first season. Your going down hill girl! In more ways than one! And if you marry that tool than you should seriously just end your life there, because it can't get any worse. I love Heather, I've been a fan of hers since day one. And her husband and kids are awesome. Tamara is growing on me more now since she's back to being friends with Vicki and kicking pasty face to the side. And I can't wait till you get married, you found yourself a winner. His facial expressions in the background of scenes always make me laugh! Hehe


Sadly, Vicki today defended her son-in-law Ryan's behavior. Maybe she's afraid for Briana (who still hasn't moved out) when Ryan returns from Afghanistan, where he is currently deployed.


Slade talks about everyones looks but his own girlfriend and she looks like a palatapus, duck lips, horrible from the side! Plus, she's ugly on the inside. when everything was going her way, she turned into the mean girl. Now she is outsted and for good reason. Vicky has no problem yelling at everyone but her own son-in-law who is a dispectable loser. She's scared of him too. To tell her not to hug or console Lydia's mom...Hello, she is the host you twit, she should be the one addressing the guests. He is disgustig and Briana didn't even know the man she married because she was so desperate to pick the 1st guy who looked her way and then pop out a kid when she didn't have a pot to piss in...really Briana? Your just as stupid and classless as he is. Lets play house before we have the means to stand on our own to feet...losers! Move out and pay your own way, thats what adults do. Vicki has good work ethic but apparently didn't instill that in Briana. Get off your lazy fat ass and go to work! You can't afford to be a stay at home mom, that's apparent. She needs to start preparing herself for the immenent divorce that no doubt will happen. He tells Vicki who she can have in her own home. Vicki's brother is the only sane one, he's right about everything. Grown a backbone Vicki, if Briana wants to hold the kid over your head, then she's a POS too. She needs to go with her loser husband that I won't classify as a soldier, he's and idiot with zero class!


RYAN IS A F-Punk!someone needs to beat his ass.How horrible for vickies OWN DAUGHTER to allow her husband to disrespect her MOTHER.And breanna herself is being a selfish bitch by saying her mother cant date who she wants.Who the F-R-U?If was her mother id tell her to GET TO STEPPIN BIATCH,AND AS NENE LEEKS SAYS:Dont let the door hit-ya,where the good lord split-ya!BYYYYE


Where to start! Vicki is so insecure. She can't stand for anyone else to b happy so she creates rifts! How childish to keep harping about the friendship bracelet that Gretchen gave to Tamara. She has to pay to have a man in her life. Look at all that she paid for Brooke's and he isn't good looking at all. She loves to show off her money. Tamara doesn't know whether to s**t or wind her watch. She really does not know how to be s good friend. SHe allows herself to be influenced by what others say instead of what her heart tells her. Eddie is making a big mistake marrying her. She has no respect for his things and it will just get worse. Alexis is phoney and hides behind God. Heather is too full of herself. I don't remember seeing her on Malibu Country. I think she is terrible at acting, too forced. She needs to get rid of those cheekbone implants. She is too material of a person and condenscending to other people. Her poor husband always having to bow down to her lest she get mad at him and reprimand him. Grethchen really needs to wake up and see that she can do so much better for herself. Slade is rude to anyone he can be. He is a user and not at all funny. And then there is the newcomer, Lydia. She is very outspoken for bein the new girl on the block. She wants everything to be nice and rosey but can also put people down so easily. I think she was around her mther's pot fumes too much growing up. Those teeth and ears just do not fit her little hear. She looks like a pixie when her hair is pulled back. Briana is a good person married to a rude person with a mother who is so controlling. With a child she really needs to be on her own and learn how to raise him the rght way. Ryan needs to keep his mouth shut while living in his mother-in-laws house. He has no right to say the things he does and then turn the story around. Just watch the tapes!! Ryan was the one using the f-bomb, not Lydia's mother. As flaky s she is she did politely ask him to stop using that word, not the other way around.


Why would the author of this article give Lydia Plus 15 for calling Gretchen and Slade dirty. I don't get it. I thought it was nasty. I think those women were snide and mean to gang up on Gretchen. The hugs were so phoney. The comments Ryan made to Lydia's mother were totally rude and uncalled for. What a control freak!


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