The Morning After Pill: Should It Be Available to Middle Schoolers?

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When it comes to New York City Mayoral candidates, it will be hard to get more controversial than creepy sexting fiend Anthony Weiner.

But City Council Speaker and Weiner opponent Christine Quinn raised a few eyebrows this week when she received an endorsement Planned Parenthood.

In turn, the Democrat went on record with the following: She would consider making the morning after contraception pill available to girls as young as 11 years old.

The 47-year-old Quinn, who would be New York's first openly gay mayor, takes the stance in a time where Planned Parenthood is under increased scrutiny.

Yes, Quinn understands it can make some folks uncomfortable, but we “need to recognize the reality of what’s happening in children’s lives," she said in a statement.

Learn more about her position in the above video and then vote in the following poll:

Should the morning after pill be made available to middle schoolers?


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The fact of the matter is that children as young as OR younger than 11 are having sex. No it's not right, but should they be denied the options of older women because of their age? No!


If a preg. 11 year old shows up at school the only thing that should be happening is the POLICE immediaely dispatched to the CHILDS HOME. Obviously a Crime happened. If a child is given a pill the perpetrator will only continue the crime.Basically a child molester would love the idea Quinn has. If the city you are the city council speaker for, has a problem with pregnant 11 year olds......HMMM only possible in child molestation happens ......YOU have a much greater problem then giving pills out.....Giving a oill out is like giving a gift to who ever is molesting this child. The crime will just happen again and again to a child.....SHOCKING.... if an 11 year old child is pregnant the police should be at that house immediately....because obviously an extremely serious CRIME IS OCCURRING......whether it be another male child or an adult...... GIVING SOMEONE A PILL IS ONLY GOING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN OVER AND OVER TO THE SAME 11 YEAR OLD CHILD..... The city by giving a pill would be taking part in a continued crime.


This is what you Liberal Shits wanted when you stood up on your Box and screamed for Gay Rights, Women's Rights, Abortion Rights and every other kind of God damn right. This is what you have when the eyes are glued to the next Kardashian move or a rapper holding his dick talkin about.... Kill da bitch, slap da Hoe ! This is all under the same god damn umbrella and if your daddy Obama can DRUM UP some votes he will pass any kind of law that lets you walk the streets of Seattle eating freaking Doritos while smoking rag weed and being just as unaccountable as you can be! Being on the Morning after pill doesn't curb Welfare it gives support or crutch to the already un responsible cancers of society.


11 year old's should not be having sex! This is so wrong! 11 year olds are CHILDREN! They aren't even a teen yet, This is sick and wrong. They shouldn't be allowed the pill or to have sex, period!


Whether or not they should be having sex at 11 or not the fact is MANY are and it's not about the sex it's about the intimacy. The intimacy that they are in such desperate need of that they seek it out in whatever way they can get it. As such, yes it should be available, better to pay for the morning after pill as opposed to a middle school pregnancy, or a lifetime of welfare.

@ Vivian DarkBloom

Allowed? Parents that don't care or are uninvloved are the issue in this....Again better to give them the pill than let them get pregnant and on welfare.


11 year olds shouldn't be having sex. Period.

@ Maria+Gentle

Yes it is, unfortunetly many are and better the morning after pill then a pregnant 11 year old.