Teresa Giudice Spinoff on Hold, Bravo Pondering Future of Troubled Star

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Teresa Giudice has a few things to worry about these days aside from her television career.

Like her husband getting deported. And the couple facing up to 50 years in prison.

But in light of the charges levied against her for bank, wire and mortgage fraud, Giudice now also must wonder: Does she have a future on Bravo? Will she get the boot from The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

And what about that proposed spinoff that would have found Teresa and Joe owning a cupcake shop?

Giudice has thanked fans for their support, but for how long will it last?

And what should Bravo do with its troubled star?


Seriously, they are sooooo guilty and everyone knows it. Bravo is going to run with this drama until she is hauled off to prison......drama, drama. Isn't that Bravo's base line for all their programs.




I can't really watch that show anymore. It has become nothing but trash and yelling. I have been turning the channel.


The drama is what attracts audiences. Even if it is a bunch of idiots screaming at one another. Bravo won't end the show, but really - I don't think Bravo will want anything to do with criminals. It was obvious since season 1 that something shady was going on with Joe and Teresa. She said in Season 1 that she "pays cash for everything". Then her husband gets a DUI, license is revoked and then tries to get another license with his brother's ID? They filed for bankrupcy, but apparently haven't been very truthful throughout any of the court proceedings, failed business ventures, ect... This is a classic case of people taking what they want, doing whatever they can to get what they want, living beyond their means with a lavish lifestyle and crying about it on TV. They are scum and deserve what they get. The real victims of all of this are their children, who have been raised to be completely spoiled and who might now grow up without their parents. Just sad.


be patient for a year or two..........


Not only fire Teresa, but fire the show because all they do is scream and fight.

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