Teresa Giudice: Hanging in the Hamptons with Kids, #GreatFriends

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Teresa Giudice isn't letting a pesky thing like 50 potential years behind bars ruin a beautiful summer day.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star posted multiple photos to Twitter last night of a jaunt to The Hamptons with her close friends and at least two kids*... because nothing says Please Sympathize with My Myriad of Bank Fraud Charges more than a trip to The Hamptons.

"Hamptons visit w my girls @dinamanzo & @pamcolacino #greatfriends," Giudice wrote of the first picture, including along with the second: "With two of my babies Gabriella and Milania Love them."

Teresa Giudice with Dina Manzo
Teresa Giudice and Kids

Giudice, of course, had a rough week.

She and her husband were indicted on 39 counts of fraud and could spend the rest of their lives in jail if found guilty.

The couple is currently free on $500,000 bond and is due back in court on August 14.

Some believe Joe Giudice may take the fall for Teresa, which would leave her free to raise the couple's four children.

Dina Manzo, meanwhile, feels very sorry for Teresa and Joe.

"Keeping a friend in my prayers tonight...This too shall pass xo," she wrote hours after the Giudices were arrested.

Teresa has Tweeted her thanks to supporters around the country and the Internet, but she faces a very uncertain future, both personally and professionally. Do you feel any sorrow at all for the Giudices?

* Indicted husband Joe was on hand, too! Here's a photo:

Teresa and Joe Giudice at the Beach

Stupid chit is still spending money like water. She hasn't learned a thing. I feel sorry for the kids, being raised in a house of cards which is going to fall down around them in the near future. Poor things!


Theresa& Joe my prayer r with u guys. God will take care of you. I hope& pray that this will pass for the both of you. You all girls needs both of you. Hang in there I got your back.


Put Joe & Teresa aside they will face the music for the crimes they've committed. The true victims here are 4 young girls. I agree that they are spoiled & disrespectful, but they haven't exactly been raised by 2 great role models. Feel sorry for the kids, their future hangs in the balance. I think Melissa is a great mom, but she has 3 children of her own, could she handle the Guidice girls? Would she want to?


I don't understand how Joe can take full responsibility when she claimed income she didn't earn to secure a large loan. Her signature was on those documents. I feel sorry for their children, but have no pity on people who live beyond their means and screw the government. Not so sure why this woman has "fans". She's hideous looking with a loud shrieking voice. Don't think they will film her in prison, but perhaps she can teach the inmates how to cook Italian!


They are both crooks, treating others like scum and taking the best for themselves. I hope they both spend years in prison and someone better than them can raise those spoiled kids. I am done with those Housewife shows and they should fire Teresa now.


Teresa has truly never accepted responsibility for anything. Even with this indictment she says, "I will support my husband." Like it's all his fault. A LOT of women do not know, or want to know about household finances. However, since Teresa has proven to be somewhat of a business woman through her book deals, I doubt this is the case here, although she might have been blindsided at first. The issue is she turned that blind eye and spent money like crazy. Totally irresponsible.

@ ems

Agree with everything you said. She knows what she and Joe did, but as usual she will not take any responsibility for it.
The judge should be forced to watch from the very beginning to see how she has evolved into a greedy, conniving, irresponsible, bi-polar bitch, who thinks money grows on trees (or at the very least that she deserves all she can get without the rules we all have to obey)


Feel sorry for them? Oh, please! It isn't like this was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. They have been scamming, scheming, and thumbing their noses at the gov't. for years while the rest of us slog away and pay our dues. Like all other crooks...crocodile tears because they got caught red-handed. I'll feel sorry for the kids. But I hope "Juicy" and "Tre" get all they deserve.


Teresa is the biggest reality star ever because of the hope she gives to people. Look at the way they live, like rock stars without a care in the world. Coming from a working class background to achieve that level is inspiring. Joe & T prove that there is life after BK, a fab life. The Giudices just need some understand and love because the end justifies the means. Now that T has finally made it the Feds want to bring her down, even the Donald loves T. I don't know if the Donald loves Joe but his kids do. So there ya go...
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@ All+P

Are YOU for phking REAL??

@ All+P

Are you kidding me? She is the biggest reality star right now because she has the most drama..thats how they make money and keep the show on. The (Bravo) doesn't care what those people have done, it brings viewers.
The fact that there are people out there who think the same as you do is a little scary to me (for our world, our children especially) These women yell and have physical fights with each other and simply say, "that's just who I am" disgusting behavior and is getting promoted (with pay)
Teresa is perhaps the worst of all them..she is completely insane, if you watch her even back when Danielle was on, she flips out like a maniac. And now with her books and wine etc. she thinks she is really something and along with Joe they do not think they have to play by the rules, like all the rest of us. How do you claim bankrupsy and still live in that house. They have been lying for so long they don't know what the truth is.
Anyone who can continue to blame everything that's wrong on everyone else is delusional or bi-polar, and I would bet on both.
You must must be delusional also (no disrespect) but "the end justifies the means" ??? it is actually "the means justifies the end" and that is whats happening..they have been caught in their lies.
I think it is a cop out the say the government is out to bring her down..(that's what people say when they have no idea how the real world works and they perhaps like to always blame others for their woes.
Oh and by the way, Donald Trump may have said he liked her but I guarantee it was her ratings when on the show and he would not begin to entertain the idea of her sitting to dinner with him and his wife. There is absolutely no class to those 2 people and should have just stayed in their pizza place, where they could speak in their terrible (version) of the english language and in theri ignorance. (that woman is so dumb it is embarrassing for all women when she speaks and how much she doesn't understand.
They will get what they deserve , we can only hope.

@ All+P

You must be Teresa in disguise or a true tabloid believer. Yeah, they live like "rock stars" because they have cheated their way financially. Coming from a working class background? The federal pens are loaded with people who can say the same thing. Doesn't make them honest. Guess if you admire dishonest cheats, that's your problem. Hope they do deport "Juicy"'s butt back to Italy. Looking at him makes me nauseous.

@ Trissa

Good grief, are you looking at the same show I am? I don't think dishonesty should be rewarded in any way and shame on you for thinking it should. Joe and Tre need to go to prison just like anyone else would have to do. They aren't all that.

@ jacasa

I agree with you and Trissa, what is our world coming to when there are people like above who think what Teresa and Joe did is okay? It is a sad day for humankind for these to be the people we look up to and admire.
Disgusting behavior by all of them.


No. I don't feel sorry for a couple of greedy, selfish crooks. The 4 innocent children.....that's another story. Still -they'd be better raised by a pack of wild wolves than these two nimrods.


she has almost no forehead lol. didn't need much room for such a tiny brain.