Teresa Giudice: Destroyed by Fame!

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Don't hate the player, the latest issue of In Touch Weekly sort of says, hate the game.

The fame game, to be exact, as this tabloid's latest cover story focuses on the legal trouble facing Teresa Giudice: 39 counts of fraud, 50 possible years in jail, the conceivable deportation of her husband.

And four kids at home, unaware of how their life may change over the coming months.

Teresa Giudice In Touch Cover

The tabloid teases an imploded empire and how millions are at stake in this legal battle, while stating that "enemy" Melissa Gorga wants to raise Teresa's children.

“She's going to act like it's no big deal,” says the insider of Giudice. “But she’s nervous about what to do.”

And this raises the question: Do you feel bad for Teresa Giudice?


You know when looking at the time line of all this, it began BEFORE the launch of the show ... Here's a thought, this show, her books, etc. may have been the very thing that SAVED this family ... Maybe she's been half crazy because LITERALLY her family and her life have depended on the success of this show and her endorsements outside the show to save themselves ... These types of stories are not simple and if Joe was signing and falsifying documents before this show, it may now be the show and her products that save her family ... Just a thought?


teresa i guess all the bull shit you gave to your brother the family your lies to your mom and dad and just ugly ways towards your friends and family caught up to you. lies and lies just dont cut it .horrible parenting also ... WOW>........


Sorry to say her kids are not the least bit cute. And so terribly behaved. Feeling sorry for them....they didn't choose this life.


Teresa is being destroyed by HER BEHAVIOR, not by fame.

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