Selena Gomez: Unrecognizable in New Photo Shoot

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Selena Gomez is featured in the latest issue of i-D, posing in the streets of London and looking more serious than usual and...

... no, really, this is Selena Gomez!

The singer is practically unidentifiable in a unique spread for the publication, stripped of her usual makeup and outfits and donning some masculine fashion for a shoot in the London-based magazine’s Street Issue.

Selena Gomez in i-D magazine

"It’s so easy to wear incredible, beautiful dresses and look super glamorous, because you have the power of Photoshop, but a shoot that’s really stripped-down and raw is really fun to do," said the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, adding:

"I was being rained on, it was freezing, I was covered in a giant sweater and my hair was all over the place. I got to just be in that moment and feel like I was there."

Selena also went on about one of her favorite fellow singer: Britney Spears.

“The Baby One More Time… concert was amazing," Gomez said, reminiscing. "I sat all the way up in the nosebleeds and I could barely see her, but I remember it being the best day of my life. I had my hair in a ponytail and I knew all the words to the songs. I’ll always remember it."

That's the same way many will feel about this unusual photo.

What do you think of it?


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She looks like Justin Bieber...

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She looks like Justin Bieber...


Urmm... Selena looks definitely recognizable to me ;/


Hate to tell you but you can easily tell thats selena. And she is still smoking hot


This is so refreshing,she Is beautiful and pls I can pick her out anyday.


Selena looks Very 'Recognizable' to me...And, I use to believe that she is one of the most Gorgeous women on the planet. Now,after THIS Shoot---I KNOW SHE IS---THANK YOU i-D MAGAZINE, FOR MAKING THAT HAPPEN!!!
Before I go any further,let me just say that: I am NOT against make-up,or anything else that women/girls do, that increases the way they feel about themselves,or that companies,photographers,and etcetera,do, in the quest to enhance their models and so-forth,okay? To each their own...
However,it's shoot's like this one,and when we get to see the 'actual' person, underneath all other such gimmicks,that---I am More Stunned,than when they're all dolled-up...
Just as I thought---Selena is Exquisitely Gorgeous,without ANY enhancements...Au Naturale(I think I spelled that right. My apologies if not).
Selena: You're Beautiful---let No-One tell you different...
Way to stick-it-out through all of the freezing and rain and everything. That's how real pro's do-it...
Just last Wednesday(the 31st) I was on the set of 'Nashville' the series,shooting scenes and the day was filled with Rain,and blazing heat and humidity,but---I was shot just like you were---wet,drying-out,and sometimes sweat cascading like someone was standing over me pouring it by the buckets...But---I enjoyed the hell out of it! LOL!
Lay with it,WonderWoman! Lay with it!!!
Later; Hollywood---Out...


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