Selena Gomez: Twerking on Tour!

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Our little Selena Gomez. She's growing up before our very eyes.

Or before the eyes of her concert goers, at least.

Having already bared her midriff in a revealing outfit to kick off her "Stars Dance" tour, a new video captures Gomez going all Miley Cyrus and Rihanna on us, Twerking up a storm to the latter's "Birthday Cake" song.

This is not your Disney Channel Selena Gomez, people. Watch the singer get her sexy grooving and shaking on now:

You may wanna give Selena a call, Justin Bieber.


WHat a complete load of crap to say she is going all miley cyrus on us. Selena was NEVER the "good girl" nor is she a "good girl gone bad". She was waling the runway before she left Disney showing of she had not only sex appeal but class. She also is NOT a DISNEY star, she is a STAR that worked at disney for a while. She was in many movies LONG before disney picked her up, from as far back as Barney where she was a child star or perhaps we should mention her in the waler texas ranger movie? Or perhaps that she was watergirl on spykids 3d? Where the concept of her being one of the "good girl" disney stars came from is beyond me. She has been seen in sexy attire through her whole career. I remember even four and five years back when she was just 15/16 and people started claiming she was dressing to sexy at that point. Make no mistake selena was ALWAYS selena - and this "growing up and breaking out of the disney bubble" or "being like miley" is ANYTHING but true.


finding a serious job is pretty dificult in LA?

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