Sea Snail Hatches in Boy's Knee [VIDEO]

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When is a scrape not just a scrape?

When that scrape turns out to be the hatching of a tiny sea snail inside a little boy's knee. We know: EWWWW!

Four-year old Paul Franklin was on vacation with his family in Spooner's Cove, California recently when he fell and hurt his knee.

No big deal, right? Paul's mom Rachel cleaned and dressed the cut and the child moved on with his life… until the wound remained unhealed a few weeks later.

After noticing her son's knee was turning black and with antibiotics not solving the problem, Rachel drained the body part - and shrieked when a black snail shot out of it! Watch this video for more:

All is well that ends well, however, no matter how gross:

Paul has kept the snail and named him Turbo.

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