Scott Disick Last Supper Photo: Who's Judas?

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Scott Disick has apparently learned a lot from Kanye West.

With his quasi brother-in-law thinking he's Jesus (or, to be precise, "Yeezus"), Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy has posted a photo to Instagram of him and his relatives at The Last Supper.

It's unclear why, but it's also rather hilarious to study:

Scott Disick Last Supper Pic

There's Kris Humphries hanging out. There's Kanye earning an inclusion. And there's Kendall Jenner as… Judas?!?

Based on the recent claims of Michael Girgenti, you'd think Kourtney would earn this traitorous spot at the table. Maybe in a few weeks if Girgenti's paternity claims prove to be true.

What do you think of Disick's photo? Is it cute? Harmless? Or will Scott soon be rotting away for all eternity because he's comparing himself to Jesus Christ in this reimagination of the iconic meal?


He is a douchbag that thinks he is better than anyone. This is a disgrace to a religion and not funny. I bet that kid is not his and that kid is hoping so too. Take a test and shut everyone up duh!!!!! Now make a jewish funny pic you anorexic in the closet dork!!

@ Kendall

I agree...blasphemy. That's what it is. From sex tapes to this... what a disgusting bunch!!


Hahaha Scott actually is smart and funny, it's only his role directed by Kris Judas Jenner to look silly!


None of them are making any points for eternal life. Just sayin......



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