Robert Pattinson: Spotted Outside Kristen Stewart's Home?!?

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Hold your horses and untie those nooses, Robsten lovers.

There may be hope for this couple after all!

X17 cameras apparently captured Robert Pattinson's Durango outside Kristen Stewart's Los Feliz home last week, with one photographer on the scene confirming that Pattinson entered his ex's abode and stayed for two hours.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Photograph

"Rob looked nervous on his way to visit Kristen," says this source.

"He was trying to be discreet so no one would see him."

This sighting marks the first time Pattinson has been seen anywhere near Stewart since their split in April.

And it comes on the heels of a report that claims Rob really is hooking up with Riley Keough.

So where does the truth lie? No named source is on record as confirming Pattinson is dating Keough, while someone once said a picture is worth 1,000 words.

That would seem to back up the possibility that Robert and Kristen are at least still talking. Right?

We'd go right up to Stewart and ask her to make certain... but we fear her reaction.


while i like reading about them, i wonder-why is it legal and accepted that to get the gossp, the papparazi hound them, stalk them outside their home, and poke their cameras into their houses? this is legal?


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I think ur so cute but there's no way of me ever meeting you because I live in Workington and you live there so u know


I hope they work things out! They should get back together. They look the best when they are together. They make each other shine!

@ Katia

Yh true

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