Robert Pattinson IS "Hooking Up" with Riley Keough, Source Alleges

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Turn away, Kristen Stewart.

We don't want to make you mad again.

According to an Us Weekly exclusive, however, Robert Pattinson IS "hanging out and hooking up" with Riley Keough, despite previous conflicting reports.

Robert Pattinson in a Car
Riley Keough Smiles

Talk of Pattinson and Keough as a couple first surfaced in early June.

HOWEVER: "She's the first girl he's liked since Kristen," a tabloid insider says of Keough, who is the granddaughter of Elvis Presley. "[They're] having a lot of fun."

A lot of naked fun, if this allegation is to to believed.

And what makes this even more awkward: Keough co-starred in The Runaways… opposite Stewart!

She has previously been linked romantically with Alex Pettyfer, even rocking an engagement ring from him in 2012.

Concludes this mole of Rob, who has known Keough for a long time and likely feels comfortable with her:

"He's scared of meeting anyone new. So many people are after him for the wrong reasons."

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Nope - Riley denied it - twice!


Looks so much like Kristen Stewart to me


She kind of looks like Kristen Stewart...


Didnt they deny this spammer story last week?


They are not dating. US rag mag is rehashing this. Within hours Gossipcop again debunked this article. I guess Riley has had to say for the 100th time.ITS NOT TRUE,


Ten to one she's his rebound chick!


Shes beautiful! But wow, shes had alot of men. Remember Ryan Calbera?

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