Rihanna & One Direction: Not Impressed With Miley Cyrus VMA Performance!

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Rihanna and One Direction's response - or lack thereof - to Miley Cyrus' VMA performances may have been highlight of the entire pop music Super Bowl.

If you missed it, the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards will best be remembered for Miley Cyrus Twerking, wearing latex underwear and grinding on Robin Thicke.

Not necessarily remembered in a good way, though. While the 20-year-old wild child was performing, the camera panned to the crowd. And found this:

Rihanna, One Direction Watch Miley Cyrus

Rihanna and the five young men of One Direction, who were sitting near each other inside the Barclays Center, were not impressed to say the least.

RiRi's blank expression said it all, while Harry Styles' furrowed brow was equally classic. We'd wager that they spoke for most of the viewing public.

After all, it's not everyday you see a former Disney star Twerking in pigtails and a onesie, slapping butts and molesting a 36-year-old married father.

Rihanna and 1D are holding up okay, but we're just waiting for the class action PTSD lawsuit against Miley from those feeling victimized by this display.

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he is doing everything "Too Much"!! Just cool down and get out of the spolights for a few months.


I wouldn't think Rihanna would have any room to judge anyone, she is so trashy it's sad.....she was probably jealous


That nasty little hillbilly needs to keep her tongue in her mouth. Idiot your not edgy or cool


Rihanna and Beyoncé are just as trashy as Miley and neither one of them sings.. they scream.

@ McKay

Yes those two & Miley make 3 pitiful skanks.


One of the guys actually looks embarrased for her.


haha same thought when i saw the camera sweep past, rihanna is like thats my style not your gal. zayn seem to be enjoying it....maybe just showing respect