Reality Steve: Hearing it From Bachelor Nation Over Botched Spoilers!

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The Internet soothsayer of The Bachelorette spoilers, Reality Steve, is hearing it from Bachelor Nation this morning after his lackluster effort Monday.

Steve insisted all season long that Brooks Forester would win this year and that he and Desiree Hartsock were still together. So much for that.

Reality Steve Picture
Chris and Desiree

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried got engaged out of nowhere on the Season 9 finale, putting a serious dent in the supposed insider's armor.

To his credit, he owned it, Tweeting: "Wow. Uhhhh, didn't see that coming. No idea what happened. Just means ill have to get it right next season."

"Was wrong about Ali & Brad's seasons, then spoiled Ashley's, Ben's, Sean's, & Emily's & 3 Bach Pad's [before] this. It happens. I'll bounce back."

He then joked, in reference to Des' brother and his claim that Steve was incorrect: "Next season, I'm totally going to Nate Hartsock for my spoilers."

The TV blogger, who is now batting slightly over .500 for his career after this latest setback (we don't count Bachelor Pad), took his lumps like a man.

Steve even re-tweeted a bunch of surprisingly venomous comments from fans who are rather irate about his botched spoilers for some reason.

Why anyone cares so much about his predictions (or the show in general) and feels the need to angrily rub it in, we can't say. But they did so in droves.

When a follower asked Steve why he kept re-tweeting the negative posts targeted towards him, he wrote: "It'll just be for tonight. I'm enjoying the hatred."

Might as well soak it up. A few of the many anti-Steve Tweets last night:

  • "Better find some new informants. Your true blue informers.... well..... sucked. Reality Steve, I once was a believer, now, NOT!"
  • "Well that'll teach me to trust freaking @RealitySteve. Thanks for nothing! I thought I was so cool cause I knew who won. NOT!"
  • "You're done. Once you've lost your credibility on spoilers, if you don't have a writing personality, nothing's left."
  • "Way to go @RealitySteve, I guess it's a first time for everything, DUMBASS."
  • "A Big "You Suck" to @RealitySteve and a big Congrats to @DesHartsock!"
  • "I'm actually a little pissed that @RealitySteve lied to all of America."
  • "@RealitySteve can suck it! Chris won!!"
  • "You are really enjoying all the attention but now no one will believe you... good luck finding a new career!"
  • "I think @RealitySteve might be out of a job ...... #awks #wrongooo"
  • "Thankfully you're not a veterinarian 'cause that cocky attitude of being mostly right wouldn't keep any1 alive. So wrong."

Oooh, zing. That really sums it up. Good thing you're not a veterinarian, Steve! #PWN3D


Good going Steve!!!!???? WRONG Hopefully next time you( BUY )YOUR INFO::::MAKE SURE THEY ARE RIGHT!!"!


I am with the majority....I will NEVER listen to that weird guy "Reality Steve" ever again....I would always want to know ahead of time, but he totally blew it this time...Sorry, but he lost his credibility w/me & many others. I'd rather be surprised...This guy, I'm sure is out of a job...ewww


Personally, reality Steve was much more right - many more times ... than he has been wrong. I still enjoy the show and like the spoilers.

@ cotton

The how has to keep their ratings. Have to write a different script or people won't watch. I'm sure there is several different endings, and stuff to slide in between to cause drama. It's really a channel changer as it
gets so wierd or ridiculous. It turns the man or women into what they think is sex symbols, like Emily thought she was royality,,,but REALLY?


It was all a setup to get back at rs. She (des) knew brooks was going home and the producers played everyone like a fiddle. Game over ppl.. those tears were fake and Chis was the one all along. That is why he was not upset to hear of how it played out with Brooks.

@ bw

Steve didn't get it wrong. He pegged Brooks as the winner and he was.
The show actually was done when Brooks told her whatever he decided to
tell her. She told him he was the one, she loved him. True. Then she turned around and pinned the tail on the donkey. No clue. Couldn't
have walked away because she didn't find anyone. If I was one of
those men, I would have I'm out....except they wanted whatever money left on the floor. She just turned around and sia you, then." Didn't even
know which one she picked. Damn is she afraid of not getting a guy or what. To me she showed her ass and I would have just gone and hid.
What does everyone bottom thinkof how desparate she is!!!


am really glad she chose Chris. Brooke was just not ready. Chris looks like a more serious person with a sense of maturity.


Are these people for real? "Good thing you aren't a veterinarian"??? hahahahaha! Settle down people, it's all just for fun.

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