Ramen Burger Takes Over New York City Food Scene

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Finally, a burger that doesn't cause one to dislocate one's jaw in a single bite.

On Saturday morning, hundreds of people lined up in Williamburg, Brooklyn to sample a new creation by Keizo Shimamoto, who looked out over the see of patrons anxious to try his Ramen Burger and told ABC:

“I have no idea how this happened,” he said. “It’s crazy.”

Ramen Burger Picture

Take this, cronut!

As the name suggests, the Ramen Burger consist of an all-beef patty sandwiched between two ramen noodles that serve as buns. It’s garnished with a secret Shoyu sauce, arugula and green onions.

“I experimented with different recipes to get the perfect bun," said Shimamoto. "People think it’s crispy because they see it on the grill, but when you bite into it you notice that the noodles are still quite soft.”

Sounds... delicious? Sort of?

You be the judge ...

Keizo only prepared 150 Ramen Burgers for the flea market on Saturday, but considering how many folks showed up, he'll be a lot more prepared at the event going forward.

He plans on being present through November 24.

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