Prince George Photos: Royal Baby, Family Cuteness Revealed!

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Now almost a month old, His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, a.k.a. the Royal Baby, is back for a second round of pictures.

The Royal Baby photos released one day after his birth July 22 were very special, but the world has eagerly awaited more ever since. Now the wait is over.

And it was worth it. Here's young George with his glowing, proud parents:

Royal Baby Portrait

Aww. Honestly, what's not to love about this couple and their new addition?

Prince William and Kate Middleton may not be getting a lot of sleep, but you wouldn't know it from this shot of the happy couple with their little son.

Follow the jump for a second family photo, featuring their dog Lupo!

Royal Baby Photo: Family Portrait

Oh, and that's Tilly, a retriever and Middleton family pet, on the left.

Eschewing a formal shoot with a professional photographer, the royals' latest pics were taken in early August by none other than Kate's father, Michael Middleton.

The location? His home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, UK.

"William and Catherine wanted to release photos that are more natural and personable, something more intimate," a Palace aide says of the shots.

Kate is looking especially radiant in a fuchsia knot front maternity dress by Seraphine as she holds little George, who was "very peaceful" during the shoot.

From the sound of it, that's not exactly a given with him.

William said in his first interview since becoming a dad that the "rascal" isn't sleeping too much, but that Kate Middleton is "doing a fantastic job."

We have little doubt. Congrats again, Will and Kate!


Nice family.


I am so happy for them! And I'm glad that they are breaking the "royal norm" with a lot of what they do together. You can really tell that they truly love each other and that they are happy to be together.


Awwww precious! Congratulations beautiful family!


Not everyone worships medieval concept of Royalty in 2013 to be honest. Time to move on. There are no more colonies to raid so its an expense todays society cant afford. Just telling it like it is.

@ Lyla

The royals generate millions of dollars a year in tourism revenue just by being royal; sales of "Royal memorabilia" alone is a boost. These Royals work hard for charities and the betterment of the UK. William has a job in search and rescue, Kate has her charitable duties.
I don't understand why you should even care... We already won the war, just saying... God Bless America....Peace.


what a super little family. how adorable and so classy. class is everything I think. a breath of fresh air.

@ christieo

I lived in a Crown country for years. When the citizens were asked to vote on staying part of the Monarch, they voted overwhelmingly to keep the Queen, et al. Royalty is something they love. The rest of us may not "get it" but they love it. The tourist dollars they bring in is huge. It's their Mount Rushmore, White House, Lincoln Memorial, etc.

@ MontanaTrace

yes, I did too. I agree totally.,


There should b no comparrision between this family and the k's. This family is a class act the k's de·spic·a·ble :)

@ Michael

You are the only person doing it so far. Shows how much your pathetic ass cares. Dummy!


no doubts: THE RIGHT FAMILY.
(eat your heart out LA!!)

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