Pretty Little Liars Shocker: Who is A?!?

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MEGA SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading right this instant if you are yet to watch this week's Pretty Little Liars summer finale.

Because... holy total and complete craziness, people!

Ezra on Pretty Little Liars

Let's start with the first revelation: Ali is alive!

This one has sort of been hinted at in the past. Red Coat did save the girls last season and many of the Liars have believed their presumed dead pal was actually still breathing somewhere.

Turns out, she's been on the run ever since her disappearance, fearful of her life. From whom?

From Ezra most likely. BECAUSE EZRA IS A! We repeat: EZRA IS A!

Yes, we've been down this path before with Toby and Mona, but it makes some sense, doesn't it?

He didn't shy away from Aria after learning she was his high school student. He's been close to Aria all along, giving access to many secrets and facts.

He appeared on the Halloween train. He suddenly had a lot of cash after Jason wrote that check.

It's shocking, it changes everything, but it really may be that EZRA IS A.

Do you agree this really is it this time? As we count down to the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween special and the debut of Ravenswood, sound off now:

Is Ezra truly A?

Watch the following interview, only available to U.S. residents, for insight from the man behind A himself, Ian Harding:


Ali's mom is A!!!! Or is she not? ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


It all makes sense.why aria was never majorly hurt,he has a cup that says a ,when in the begging he was riding his bike then when he pasted an a poster was there.And Marley king said that the answers will be revealed at 3b (Ezra's apartment )


Aria is a open your eyes peps

@ hillary

When in the trailer of an episode aria said who is this monster. I shouted "ask ya boyfriend" lol
(Not really funny though)


I don't think ezra is A because ali had problems with A and ezra appeared at rosewood Almost a year after har disappearance.


Because Ezra obvisly is A I think the girls should find out on the show


I think it makes complete sense that Ezra is A because A is a guy and its either Jason or him and he is really close to Aria

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