Polina Polonsky: Scared of Khloe Kardashian!

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It's turning ugly between Polina Polonsky and Khloe Kardashian.

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    Right on. Khloe should kick or ASS for doing drugs and being lock up in a motel room with.OH YA AND SLEEPING WITH HIM HORE...


    oh and a side note...Lamar stop being an idiot! You are more to blame because you have a commitment already. Live up to it!


    If you are so scared of Khloe, then why don't you just leave her husband alone! IT is that simple, find a man of your own.


    Girls like Polina are a dime a dozen. She is uglier than words can describe and a homewrecker to say the least. What kind of women sleeps with a married man?!?! She definitely has no morals, self respect or respect for women.
    And as far as her being a lawyer, kiss that career goodbye! Who would want to hire you after you CLAIM to have had a 6 week affair with Lamar?!?!
    You are a whore and should be ashamed of yourself, especially going public with this. I hope you are happy with your fifteen minutes of fame you got. No one cares who you are or what you do, they will just know you as the pathetic women in her 30's who had to try to ruin a marriage.
    Have fun staying single, no guy would want to date a women who tells the world their business!


    I think these women are really shameful. They don't respect each. Its a shame. Didn't they know he was married. Well what you do to others will come back to you. Shame on them.


    think both woman have come forward to make money is their really any truth he really cheated come on show us facts like maybe and email, text something she claims she passed a lie detector test where is the proof show us oh wait i bet it got lost or some excuse no matter what even if he was not living at home he is still married both are home wreckers


    Polina you need to stop destroying people's homes!! it was never a good idea and it will never be cool. im sure you came public just because he is married to the famous Khloe. why can't u become famous for something better, for example; being a great attorney.


    Polina the way You are making khloe not be happy so in future somebody will make u unhappy u bitch


    Lets get real people.....I guess im missing something....he is the one who is in a committed/happy marriage on a reality show (right).......she was going by what he told her. As the saying goes "the way u got him will be the way u loose him"......hummmm


    She has no shame going public with the story of how she was sleeping with a married man. Now she wants sympathy? Please.

    @ Kris

    Agreed, what a whore.

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