Pink Waves Gay Pride Flag, Embraces Lesbian Chatter

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Pink is taking a page from the book of Miley Cyrus.

A couple weeks after Cyrus thanked critics who accused her of being gay, Pink has gone ahead and done the same.

The artist performed Saturday in Sydney, Australia and happily pranced around at one point with a gay pride flag while singing the song "Trouble."

In response, a few idiots on Twitter went off on Pink, labeling her a lesbian and firing off other anti-gay comments.

But Pink wasn't exactly phased by the vitriol.

“Fun fact:when you twitter me and say ‘you’re a lesbian’ it really doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a compliment. Most of my fav ppl are,” wrote the Grammy winner, adding:

“I’m sure all of you hate filled humans can come up with something a little worse than that?!? Come on- be creative. You have 140 characters!”

Are you up for the challenge, haters? Give Pink your worst. It sure sounds like she can handle it.


Ok, I usually love her. However, this comment went a little too far and seems a littleinsincere becasue of it. Had she simply said some of her favorite people are, that would be cool. But when she added the "compliment" part, it seems fake. WHY is that a compliment? If this lifesyle is so natural it needs to be accepted, then acceptance it is. But making it complimentary propels it above other choices. We keep hearing equal. Well, this makes it seems unequal. So if someone says she's a herterosexual will she respond the same way? If so, great. But if equality is the goal, then people have to first stop making it seems superhuman just as much as they need to stop making it seem subhuman.


she will continue her life as my favorite lesbian.


Being a bisexual chick, I gotta say that it's nice to feel the support from pink. It'd be nicer if more Hollywood stars and starlets would just come outta the closet and be proud and loud already. Stop hiding....Dana Owens aka, Queen Latifah, I'm talking about you! ;-)


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