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He is just SO fluffy.

Say hello to Colonel Meow, a cat who recently set the Guinness World Record for longest hair, rocking out with nine-inch long fur that really needs to be seen to be believed.

So go right ahead and take a close look in this video:

The two-year old is owned by Anne Marie Avey and Eric Rosario of Los Angeles and weighs 10 pounds. A trio of veterinarians have confirmed his impressive length to Guinness.

The Colonel is even more of a viral sensation than Tuna the Dog, with over 180,000 Likes on Facebook and an astounding 1.3 million views on his YouTube channel. He's also on Twitter... and Tumblr... and he has his own website.

Yes, it's time to accept the truth: Colonel Meow is far more popular than we were in high school.

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Danielle and Kevin Jonas have made their second important announcement of the past few weeks.

In early July, we learned the couple is expecting a baby. Now, we can confirm... it will be a girl!

Danielle and Kevin Jonas Photo

The married pair made the reveal last night by posting Danielle's latest ultrasound photo, topping the baby's head with a pink bow and being forced to send fans to Ustream for it after Jonas iTunes app crashed due to user excitement.

"We're having a girl!" the dad-to-be said. "I'm going to be a father to a little girl. Mind blowing. So excited."

Danielle debuted her baby bump at the Teen Choice Awards (above) a couple weeks ago and says she can't wait to "celebrate" various aspects of the child with followers.

So consider that celebration commenced! Best of luck, you two.

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Kendall Jenner has done it again.

Fresh off giving the world an up-close look at her butt in a bikini, the 17-year old has posted a photo to Instagram of herself in very short shorts and a sports bra.

She's clearly going to the gym... though it's less clear why this is something the Internet has to know or see.

"always keep in bright and colorful when I workout," Kendall captioned the photo, which tragically has received over 465,000 Likes to date. Learn more about it here:

Earlier this week, Kendall sister Kylie got into her first car accident. But she'll be fine.

At this rate, though, can the same be said for Kendall going forward? Why does she continue to post these kinds of photos? And what, pray tell, will be coming next?

You tell us: Should a 17-year old continue to publish such intimate pictures?


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Christina Milian and her boyfriend Jas Prince are getting married!

Sources say the couple, who have been dating since 2010, did in fact get engaged earlier this year, as the rumors suggested after she was seen with a ring.

One friend says that Milian "is over-the-moon happy.”

Christina Milian previously dated Nick Cannon and was briefly married to music producer The-Dream, with whom she has a three-year-old daughter.

Congratulations are most definitely in order for her.

Here's a photo of the happy couple together ...

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The storm appears to have passed between Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif.

The couple, who announced their divorce over a year ago and who have battled ever since over custody and other issues, released a joint statement yesterday in which they said a settlement has finally been reached.

Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif in Happier Times

"We recently reached an agreement on all outstanding issues related to our divorce settlement and all pending litigation," the ex-couple said, adding they are "happy to be moving forward with our lives in a positive way, not only individually, but as co-parents. This is a new beginning for each of us."

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Well... at least no foam finger is involved.

Fresh off a VMA Twerking-fest that continues to rock the Internet, Miley Cyrus has released a new set of promotional photos in anticipation of her October 8 release, "Bangerz."

They feature the 20-year old singer grabbing her crotch... not wearing pants... and holding balloons. And that's just the first three! Check them out now:

  • Miley Cyrus Bangerz Pic
  • Miley Cyrus With No Pants
  • Miley Cyrus with Balloons

Criticism against Miley appears to be never-ending as a result of her Video Music Awards thrusting and gyrating, but the artist doesn't seem to care.

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Farrah Abraham will not play any role on Days of Our Lives, despite reports that she auditioned to play a hooker, which did seem to make sense logically.

Abraham definitely did try to secure the part of call girl Destiny on the long-running NBC soap opera, but a new report says she will play no part on it.

"That is false," a rep for the soap opera said regarding the casting rumors.

The audition tape has surfaced online, however, and it's hilarious. Watch:

Yeah. At least she can swear and play with her hair a lot. So convincing!

Farrah Abraham auditioned for the soap opera part earlier this year, and the above video "leaked" much like her "private" sex tape with James Deen did.

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Great news this week out of Good Morning America.

Robin Roberts will resume her full-time duties with the program following Labor Day, making the announcement in an interview with Vanity Fair and joking about how she's managing to sneak in one more four-day work week due to the holiday.

The anchor underwent a bone marrow transplant last September after she was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder.

She returned to Good Morning American in February, after taking more than six months of medical leave and has slowly been working her way back up to regular status, even interviewing Michelle Obama along the way.

She also hosted ABC's red carpet coverage of the Academy Awards and received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at ESPYs in July.

We send Robin our very best and, wait, if you listen closely... that sound you hear is Matt Lauer crying.

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Was Robin Thicke just busted for his wandering eye, er, hand?

An obviously concerned Twitter user tweeted a pic of the singer posing with an unidentified fan that looked normal, except for the reflection in the mirror.

See what we're talking about below?

Robin Thicke Grabbing Ass?

Naturally, a worried Tweeter quickly pointed this out to Thicke's wife, Paula Patton. Jen Leadley wrote "@PaulaPattonXO look at the reflection girl."

Indeed, it appears we can see Miley Cyrus' Twerking partner and the young lady's backs reflected in a mirror and his hand questionably close to her butt.

It's also not entirely clear if that's even his hand/back, nor can we tell if the hand is grabbing arse, rather than just hanging there. It's a mystery, people.

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You may wanna turn away right about now, Selena Gomez.

The star's latest movie hits theaters today and let's just say critics around the country have less than favorable things to say about the thriller, which also features Ethan Hawke and Jon Voight.

Just how bad are the reviews? Selena might not want to focus on acting after all. Scroll down for a harsh sampling...

The action (all at nighttime) is messily and crudely filmed. The plot mechanics are often laughable. - The Associated Press

Brainless chase flick doesn't even offer guilty pleasures. - The Hollywood Reporter

So completely idiotic you might swear it was made by Luc Besson and starred Jason Statham or Liam Neeson. - One Guy's Opinion

"Getaway" gets itself embroiled in all sorts of inane situations. Then director Courtney Solomon forgets to give us that basic thrill of all car-chase flicks: watching the car barrel toward its destination. - The New York Daily News

The dumbest action movie of the millennium so far. - The Daily Herald

It's meant to be dumb, summer fun. They got the "dumb" part right, and it is summer, but what with the unpleasant characters and inane twists, they forgot to supply the fun. - St. Paul Pioneer Press

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