Oprah to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom From Barack Obama

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Both Oprah Winfrey and former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom honor from President Barack Obama.

The White House confirmed the awards on Thursday.

The medal is America's highest civilian honor. Bradlee led The Post to its peak during the Watergate years, still considered the high water mark for journalism.

Oprah Winfrey is, well, Oprah. A woman who needs no introduction.

“Good God, how fabulous,” Bradlee told the Post. “What more can a man get? I feel terribly honored. What does a person do to deserve this kind of prize?”

The Post, meanwhile, is being sold to Jeff Bezos for $250 million.

Oprah, meanwhile, is starring in The Butler and making headlines for everything from her comments on Paula Deen and race to her mentoring of Lindsay Lohan.


Lol! Amazing how busy Obama is. Wow he has 5 scandals ongoing that make Watergate look like a highschool rumor! Oprah? How disgusting these elites r. I am SURE there r more worthy Americans! How bout the Americans in the ft hood terrorist attack? Obama won't designate that a terror attact an let the victims have THIER medals (purple hearts) that they so deserve an pick up the bill for medical expenses. Until Obama designates it a terror attack they get NOTHING! When will America wake up and have a leader not a game show host! Oprah? Lol!

@ t c

When you have an Administration that calls Ft. Hood, work place violence then the denial is obviously there. When the murderer said this was war in the name of Islam and obama still doesn't call the act terrorism then that in itself speaks volumes. Obama has always felt that America didn't deserve it's standing in the world because of religion or slavery or the wealthy. Obama is not in favor of individuals prospering alone! Look at his rhetoric- " YOU DIDN'T BUILD THIS" & his apology tour to the Middle East. He would not speak directly with Israel. He comes out and calls Boston PD stupid. This is his way of thinking. He thinks that Americans should give retribution and be ashamed. It is in everything he says and does.

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