North West Picture Reveal: Why Now?

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It's been the pressing question on the minds of celebrity gossip followers everywhere:

When will we see the Kim Kardashian baby photos?

And it was finally answered this morning in a most unusual way: Not on a tabloid cover, not in an Instagram posting, not in the pages of Vogue... but on an episode of Kris that will air this Friday.

Yes, Kanye West taped an installment of his baby mama mama's talk show this morning and audience members have confirmed that the first-ever picture of North West flashed on screen at one point.

Kanye West and Kris Jenner

"They didn't even tell us Kanye was coming on until we were on the set," someone who was in the crowd tells E! News. "They only showed [North] for a second. They took everyone's phones away so no one could snap a picture."

But insiders say the wildly anticipated photo will be shown for a far longer period of time during the actual episode.

After all the secrecy and all the privacy, why reveal an image of his daughter now?

Kanye "talked to Kris for an hour," said this same attendee. "He said he had decided he wanted to show the picture of North because they didn't want to make money on the photo and he is fed up of paps following him around."

We hate to break it to the guy, but we somehow doubt they'll suddenly stop.

West reportedly also gushed over the "family environment" at home and how he leaves events early just to spend time with Kim, Nori and, yes, even Kris.

Finally, Kanye told the audience that he's been "so in love" with Kardashian for years. Just how in love? As the video below outlines, he even thought of becoming a professional athlete just to get her attention!

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North West Picture Reveal: Why Now?
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They are probably showing North's picture this way so that they people can stop saying that they are going to sell any pictures of North. Kanye coming on the last episode is good for Kris Test Run. Her show will probably come back.

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