North West Caption Contest: What's She Saying or Thinking?

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Welcome, readers, to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

Today's image comes from last Friday's episode of Kris Jenner's talk show, when Kanye West revealed the first EVER North West photo. Aww!

Yes, the spawn of 'Ye and Kim Kardashian is a real cutie, but this picture offers limitless potential. What do you think would be a great caption for it?

Just leave comment(s) with your best caption(s) for North West's long-awaited public debut below! Go to it! A winner will be announced Friday. Good luck ...

Nori Caption!!
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" I hope she doesn't get rid of me in 72 days"


Is this what daylight looks like?


Help a sista out! Bust me outta this crib, these people is crazy.


What did I do to deserve these parents?


Somebody save me Im hearin Kim's my mom.


This is about the biggest hoax I have ever seen. How is a 2 month old standing up and that wide eyed! REALLY?????

@ Dontbelieveit

The baby is being held by someone. The white object is a diaper being held on someone's shoulder. The picture is taken from behind the person holding the baby. Everything's not a conspiracy.

@ Dontbelieveit

Glad someone else agrees, no way is that a 2 month old premature baby, but most people are buying it!!!!!!!!!!!


Dam that But is Big!


Just talk to the hand!!


This is a photo op; look at my hairline.


"I said don't ever talk!"