Nikkole Paulun, 16 & Pregnant Star, Denies Stillborn Child Was Hoax

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16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun is answering allegations that she did not really give birth to a stillborn child after people said it was all a hoax.

Nicole, 19, tells Radar that the heartbreaking story is sadly true. Moreover, medical records dated July 28 confirm she did in fact have a stillborn son.

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She was admitted to a Michigan hospital’s obstetrics wing where she had blood tests, anesthesia and an array of drugs including penicillin and oxytocin.

Among the many charges totaling more than $7,000 is an especially heart-rending entry for the delivery of a child who would never get to know his mom.

The MTV star made the decision to release these documents to the world and relive her pain in the hopes of quieting misguided and shameful hoax claims.

“I’ve cried all day about it… it hurts,” Nikkole told Radar of the ordeal. “Everything that I have said is completely true and the rumors are just, mean.”

Worst of all, her former best friend, Samantha Jo Diggs, did an interview with a Teen Mom gossip blog, claiming the entire pregnancy was a sham.

Nikkole even wore a pregnancy suit, Diggs said, to fool fans and set up fake pictures in the hospital when her friend gave birth, all to help aid the hoax.

Samantha insisted she was telling the truth, Nikkole, adding, "The saddest part of it all is that she doesn't even feel bad about it and she's continuing to lie."

“I just don’t understand how somebody that watched me go through all this can do this as a joke,” Nikkole Paulun said in response to her one-time pal.

Really sounds like something that would happen to Jenelle Evans with all the Twitter feuding, but it seems like Nikkole is 100 percent in the right here.


This is bull. Her twitter from the day the baby supposedly died till now is all about partying having fun and other stupid shit. Any woman who has lost a baby( and I'm one of them) knows you don't post stuff like that the day you deliver a still born. I don't buy for a second she was pregnant. This is a disgrace to all woman suffering from losing a child

@ kt

i disagree i had a miscarriage when i was 25 and after that i spent like 3 4 months partying out of control doing drugs blaking out never home always with friends cus when i was alone an sober i had time to just think an thats all you can think about it drives you crazy




it was all planned out, going for free "gifts"?


please remove this story, these fabricated records and stories are a disgrace and injustice to any woman who has ever ACTUALLY experienced a still birth, it is sad that you're encouraging such injustice.

@ Please

It is a fact Nikkole faked it.
All the documents she posted were proven to be from Lyle. Birthing bills and everything were his. The codes and numbers on the documents she submitted as proof confirm it. Also there is no death certificate which the father of the baby is trying to get but wont because the baby never existed. All the evidence is on The Real Teen Mom Talk.

@ Uh

Ah! I have been following them, I just think it is INSANE that these "hollywood gossip" sites are trying to state that this is real when real woman are struggling with this everyday. It's sad that they have to KNOW this stuff is all lies but yet post it like its true.

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