New Hampshire Woman Calls 911 to Request Pen, Gets Arrested

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Take note, THGers. Here is what we've learned about 911 this month:

Do not call if McDonald's messes up your order.

Do not call if the cable goes out, even during a Breaking Bad episode.

And do not call if you are in need of a pen, something New Hamphire resident Jeanie Dufresne discovered the hard way this week.

As explained in the following video, Dufresne angered an operator for making just such a request over the weekend, getting herself arrested for the THIRD TIME THIS MONTH for using 911 in an inappropriate manner.

The 66-year old told authorities each time that she just wanted someone to talk to. Darn. This story just went from funny to sad...


911 is for DOG OWNERS too?


If you want to talk about calling 911 why doesn't sonebody get a read on the 3 blacks who shot and killed Christopher Lane who was a 22 year old baseball player in Oklahoma! Why isn't Obama talking about this OBVIOUS race hate crime- why isn't the media talking about this and why isn't there a thread on this! This kid was out jogging and the son of a bitches shot him in cold blooded murder!

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