Murray Gershenz Dies; Character Actor and Record Collector Was 91

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Murray Gershenz, the famous record collector turned character actor, has died at the age of 91, a source close to Gershenz confirmed to the L.A. Times.


Better known as “Music Man Murray,” Gershenz spent nearly three-quarters of a century collecting more than 300,000 records that filled his record shop.

The huge collection, and Gershenz’s years-long plight to sell it, was the subject of a documentary film, Music Man Murray, which premiered last year.

A former opera singer and synagogue cantor, Gershenz's collection was valued at more than $1.5 million. But he also found a second career: acting.

In recent years he landed bit parts as a character actor on TV shows like Modern Family, Mad Men, Raising Hope, House, and Parks and Recreation.

And he logged plenty of time on the big screen as well, including in I Love You, Man, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and memorably The Hangover.



We will miss you, Murray. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace. Please feel free to leave your condolences here:


In acting school I became best friends with Murray Gerschenz, better know as "MusicMan" Murray. Murray was in his late seventies then. We both gave our instructor June Chandler a run for her money because we are outspoken individuals. Murray spent holidays at my home with family and friends for the the last decade. At the closing of every holiday evening he would sing a song before he left for home. A feeling of warmth and belonging was had by all. Murray was also a professional singer and cantor for many years. I left acting to become an artist and Murray trudged on with acting. He had many successes with his acting. The role that is being remember most on the internet right now is "Felix" in the movie "The Hang Over". He is laughing about that right now. I was privileged to be at his birthday in May with his immediate family. We both were in fair health. Him with a few issues and me on a cane from a military injury. I will treasure the moments we spent together from heckling June to sharing a beer and our thoughts about life. He liked Sam Adams. Murray left us yesterday August 18, 2013. Cheers. Murray Demo Reel Murray / Sarah Silverman / Ed Asner Murray / Superbowl Chevy Commercial



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