Mom Breastfeeding 7-Month-Old, 3-Year-Old and 5-Year-Old: Too Much of a Good Thing?

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Breastfeeding three children at the same time is not for everybody, mentally or physically, but that's what Wales mother Samantha Williams proudly does.

She announced this last week, with an interesting footnote:

Only one of the three kids is a baby.

Wales Mom

Samantha is nursing her 7-month-old. Her 3-year-old. AND her 5-year-old, She uses a technique called "tandem nursing" of her baby and two older kids.

Only two can latch on at any one time, after all.

Naturally, reaction to her story was mixed. Is she a poster woman for breastfeeding? Taking it too far with the older kids? A little of both, perhaps?

Do children three and five years old, happy as they seem above, require nursing at that stage of life? Does it hold them back, rather than help them?

Regardless of the varying opinions on whether breastfeeding children until ages three and five is smart, some questioned its impact on the 7-month-old.

Is it better to have a mother whose body is working overtime for three kids in every way? Is having a mom who never gets to just shut off a benefit?

It's her choice, regarding the toll it takes on her own body, but is it fair to the kids? Spreading herself too thin has to be a concern, doesn't it?

Follow the link to read Williams' defense of her unorthodox approach, then share your comments on this story with us in the comment section below ...


People treating this like this is some sick sexual fantasy thing for her are the sick people! So what? She wants her kids brains to develop properly, plus it's her children, not yours, you can't tell her how to parent her own kids.


I don't understand why she just doesn't use the breast pump for her older kids if she wants them to drink her breast milk??


how come her husband isn't sucking her, too? why not make it a family suckfest?!


Does she get a thrill out of kids sucking on breasts where is her husband?


To all the negative comments, do your research before you comment. Breast milk is known to help brain development and your brain is still developing well into the teenage years. I see nothing wrong with her supplying this nutrition to her children.


So the half naked popstar is ok for people to see but a mumma feeding her child is not? What kind of messed up logic is that? You need to unsexualize breasts


Ugh breastfeeding story again....Can't this topic just die off already. I mean no one wants to see a women breast exposed nursing a baby in public, no matter how natural it is. Somehow for the last century we have survived without this being a topic. Do I think they need to go elsewhere when doing it? No. Do I feel they should cover up while doing it? Yes. it's out of respect for the people around you. ....And this story is just stupid. The 5-yr old is going to have problems down the road. We are the only animals that drink milk past being babies.


I guess most of you are American to be honest we are the only mammal who will drink another mammals milk I find that quite disgusting I'm also guessing some of you haven't read the article or if you have properly it does state that the older 2 only breast feed when they ask for it and not in public and why should a baby feed under a blanket? Would you be happy to bottle feed under a blanket? I'm guessing no ! Breastfeeding to term is considered quite normal here in the uk Samantha is NOT setting her children up for disaster later in life she's simply giving them the best start possible she's not forsing her children the bf because they WANT to personally my children weened off bf by themselfs before the age of 2 but I think others may need it more I'm disgusted with most of these comments


First i believe that a mother should be able to breastfeed her baby in public if she wants, as long as she covers up with a blanket don't see anything wrong with it. I breastfeed all three of my kids and wouldn't have it any other way. Now that being said, breastfeeding your 3 and 5 year old kids is way to much, the 5 year old is probably in school, that's just weird to me, she should be focusing more on breastfeeding her baby then her older kids who should be drinking cows milk.


I don't care how natural it is, that 5 year old is gonna be a weirdo for the rest of his life. It's not normal and a 5 year old doesn't need to suck on his moms breast. She needs to be mentally evaluated and fast before she ruins all of her kids lives.

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