Mom Breastfeeding 7-Month-Old, 3-Year-Old and 5-Year-Old: Too Much of a Good Thing?

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Breastfeeding three children at the same time is not for everybody, mentally or physically, but that's what Wales mother Samantha Williams proudly does.

She announced this last week, with an interesting footnote:

Only one of the three kids is a baby.

Wales Mom

Samantha is nursing her 7-month-old. Her 3-year-old. AND her 5-year-old, She uses a technique called "tandem nursing" of her baby and two older kids.

Only two can latch on at any one time, after all.

Naturally, reaction to her story was mixed. Is she a poster woman for breastfeeding? Taking it too far with the older kids? A little of both, perhaps?

Do children three and five years old, happy as they seem above, require nursing at that stage of life? Does it hold them back, rather than help them?

Regardless of the varying opinions on whether breastfeeding children until ages three and five is smart, some questioned its impact on the 7-month-old.

Is it better to have a mother whose body is working overtime for three kids in every way? Is having a mom who never gets to just shut off a benefit?

It's her choice, regarding the toll it takes on her own body, but is it fair to the kids? Spreading herself too thin has to be a concern, doesn't it?

Follow the link to read Williams' defense of her unorthodox approach, then share your comments on this story with us in the comment section below ...


Difficult to understand the need to still breast feed the older children. Unless she's planning on going to school with them and turn them into laughing stocks and damaged. Seems to me she is gratifying some weird personal need.


5-yr old breastfeeding is just weird.


Is she breastfeeding the dad, as well???


I agree.not only are they probably happy,healthy, and loved but are probably smarter than most of these idiots on here who criticize this family. Yes 5 is a little old but breastmilk is always the best choice even the formula maker agree. In my opinion 90% of women who don't breastfeed don't do it cuz they r either lazy or selfish and don't want to ruin the bodies and then there are women who want to breastfeed but cannot due to medical reasons. I don't get some people they claim they want give their kids the best possible chance at life by sending them to the best schools and stuff like that but if you really want to give the best chance at life its starts during preganancy eat healthy don't be scared of gaining the weight n breastfeed for as long as possible I believe it really is best and all women should at least try.

@ dez

it's hard to believe breast milk continues while you are pregnant

@ blitz

Of course it does.


Let her do what she wants with her kids. They are obviously happy, healthy, and it's her children, her choice. It's natural and parents did this till they were 6 and older in ancient days.

@ Emma Jean





This is just disgusting those breasts are meant for babies only and not 3 and 5 year old children!!!! What is wrong with this woman!!!???



@ debbz

You and Jeanner are so immature. Grow up... Your sick to think that way!


I have heard that some women experience multiple organsms during breast feeding.


Abe, i assume you're a male...depending on your age, time you latch on to your girlfriend/wifes breast think about those kids enjoying what comes naturally. Those 3 kids will grow up healthy and loved

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