Miley Cyrus Twerking, VMA Edition: Videos, Photos & GIFs Galore!

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Miley Cyrus Twerking, already one of the web's favorite pastimes, shocked and awed the world with last night's raunchy display at the Barclays Center.

Aggressively gyrating on Robin Thicke like a horny wild child possessed, the singer was the talk of a talked-about event ... for better or worse.

Miley Cyrus VMA Twerk

Miley pulled double duty at the event, performing a stuffed bear-themed version of "We Can't Stop," then joining Thicke for a rendition of his hit "Blurred Lines."

Only those lines weren't blurred ... they were crossed. Again and again and again.

Miles danced like a hyper-sexual human condom, one whose purpose in life is to slap butts, hump anything in sight and elicit arousal and/or laughter.

This was one for the ages, even by her standards. You can't unsee this stuff.

So follow the jump for the ultimate compilation of videos, GIFs and photos of Miley Cyrus Twerking at the Video Music Awards, like a woman possessed:

Miley Cyrus VMA GIF
Miley Cyrus VMA Dance
Miley Cyrus Gyrating
Miley Cyrus Grab Ass
Miley Cyrus: Human Condom
Miley Cyrus VMA Photo
Robin Thicke and Miley Twerk
Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke
Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke
Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus

The Urban Dictionary calls Twerking "a series of movements made by females of the humanoid variety as an expression of contempt for their fathers."

Sorry, Billy Ray Cyrus. We are so sorry. Hang tough.

Ditto Miley's PR team. Eesh. Long day at the office?

We imagine Miles' parents had a bit of a tough time stomaching this display last night, and struggled to know what to make of it like many others.

In fact, the Cyruses were very far from alone there.

The feedback came fast and furious on Twitter, and ranged from sickened to stupefied. Here's a look at some of the best GIF, Twitter and video reactions:

Rihanna, One Direction Watch Miley Cyrus
Will Smith, Family React to Miley Twerking

Miley herself does not appear concerned, however.

Responding to the controversy for the first time, she posted a pair of photos online that sum up her feelings on the situation, and critics in particular.

This says it all, THGers. This kind of says it all.

Miley Cyrus Middle Finger Pose
This is Miley Cyrus

What do you think: Did Miley Cyrus go too far?

Did Cyrus go too far with her lewd antics?
Did Cyrus go too far with her lewd antics?
Did Cyrus go too far with her lewd antics?

some times i wonder if it's really her or is it an act. i really, really REALLY hope its an act. i miss my miley. i want the old her back, i want my idol back. miley please!


Get off my leg, you with the tongue out!!


I think the only problem with Miley's performance is that she has a lot of jealous haters. I kept seeing comments on her performance, so out of curiosity I went online to view it. I personally do not see anything wrong with what she did. Let's face it people she is not the young girl she once was who starred on Hannah Montana ... she is a grown woman now.
Again this is my personal opinion but I really do not see where she did anything wrong. Miley went out there and had a great time and if there are that many that disagree and feel that she is not a good influence on their children, then maybe those are the parents that should censor what their children watch that way you do not have the issue of them seeing it.
I would like to give Miley an applaud for her performance, she was absolutely beautiful and I think it was very entertaining.

@ Mo

(Please take no offense to this, I am not being mean.) Actually, technically, she's NOT a grown woman. She's 20, not 21. When she's 21, I'll try to give up on being heart broken that my idol has turned into this. But, until then... She's still the Miley who once starred on Hannah Montana to me.

@ hailey

Hi hailey,
Miley is , in reality, a young Woman.You don't need to be heartbroken.Miley is human like the rest of us but I would blame this new 'Manager' of hers for allowing(more like planning) for this to happen.You don't have to stop loving Miley but you need to remember that Hannah was an Acting role, & that Miley was never that actual person.
Don't forget, when someone is so scrutinized as this young lady, you need to remember that people her age are often led in the wrong direction & she will realize that, soon, I hope.You sound like a sweet girl & it's good that you loved Miley as Hannah & you don't need to forget that.Miley Cyrus is a very talented Actor/ Musician so let's hope she gets away from this Influence soon.

@ Mo

Hey Mo,
Nice to see someone Not Trashing Miley..She certainly seemed to be having a Good Time.I though,,think it could have been toned down with alot less tongue, no boob flashing & way less Bouncing around. She was so Frantic that her singing suffered.It sounded Bad.I agree, Miley is a pretty girl annd she is extremely talented.I actually would have liked to see her sing her own song with some tasteful twerking here & there.She seemed to forget that she has a mega-hit out & she needed show that off. Miley needs a new Mentor/ Manager to help keep her wild ideas not away,but just smart & well fashioned.Someone is encouraging her to step away from her talent & to make herself into some kind of Sex Machine.Ii appreciate your open-mindedness & candor because what I have read from 'the haters' just turns my stomach.
Such absolute nastiness & Vulgarity combined with narrow little minds & sheer stupidity. You are so right about jealousy.How do you feel good about yourself Cursing a girl for her fame & the money she has earned?Oh yeah, I forgot.Haters do not like Themselves.


Product of a "child star" cutting loose, with too much freedom & money way too young. She has the potential to be a positive roll model for young women! 20 yrs old or not where are her family, friends & mgt staff to give positive guidance? We all know 20 yr olds don't always care about advice and don't really care. But to attempt to advise & guide is the responsibility all those folks have. Anyone can see this is a runaway train wreck eating to happen, which would be very sad for someone just 20 and the world at her feet for the making!


I think her performance came across as a little too sexually strong and desperate. I think she could have toned it down a bit and still pulled off a great performance. Especially since kids were watching. That said, I recall watching Madonna perform "Like a Virgin" live on the MTV awards in 1984 and thinking how "nasty" and "uncomfortable" it made me and others feel. She was laying on the stage in a wedding gown with it riding up with her stockings and garters showing. I think in time this will be seen as no big deal too... Pretty obvious that the Madonna "Like a Virgin" type controversy is what she was going for because she thinks that is what it takes to stay relevant and on top.

@ Ed

Amen Ed.This too shall pass..




Our opinions mean nothing...This little tramp is making millions anyway.
She looks ridiculous and is losing her looks.


Does anyone still watch these awards that mean nothing? It's performances like this that ruin the tv show.


She probably did it to shock all the prudes and the haters out there. Go Miley! She's young and feisty and I admire her confidence.

@ TeeCee

I totally agree ... the only people that had a problem with her performance are haters that wish they could have the confidence she does to do what she is doing.
Props to Miley for a fantastic job on stage.


she acted like a slut. filthy bitch. and why didn't the guy move away. asshole obviously needs attention too. already forgot his name. both were embarrassing. how bad they made our country look. you both should be ashamed.

@ christieo

There's a time and place for every thing....this was neither.

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