Miley Cyrus to Notion: Kids Are Meant to Eff Up!

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Miley Cyrus is Twerking once again.

Fortunately, there's no foam finger involved this time. Nor is Robin Thicke's crotch anywhere to be found.

But Notion has released a special GIF of its latest cover, which features the controversial superstar doing what got her into a lot of trouble at the Video Music Awards on Sunday: shaking that booty like it's her job. Check it out now:

Miley Cyrus Twerking for Notion

Let's hope Dr. Laura this image, left she once again label Cyrus a disgusting, whore-like pig.

In an interview with the magazine, Miley goes back to her days as Hannah Montana and makes it clear there were some issues there with Disney.

The 20-year old says she would never advise a young person to become an actor because one should "enjoy being a kid," adding: “People don’t realize, but with so many responsibilities you hold an entire company on your back and you’re a kid so you’re supposed to f-ck up."

It certainly is true that Miley's days of racy photos go way back. Remember that nude picture scandal from 2008?

Miley sure does, referencing past issues from her day as a TV star in this Q&A.

"When you do [mess up], it’s the head of the company that ends up getting letters from a thousand different people and that all comes down on him which then comes down on me...

“... I don’t think any kid should be responsible for their personal life representing a company as big as that."


She is so lame, and unoriginal, it's almost funny!

@ WTF?

Kind of like the Foul, Nasty
Repetitive Miley Put-Downs, No?

@ WTF?

You are right on both assessments. It's hard to even take (what ever she does) serious. . She is so far out of her league. Yet this is what it's come to. No talent only shock effect but in reality there is very little shock it's mostly a boring effect. This world is starving for an actual music artist.


Is Dr. Laura still alive? I had no idea.

@ My Two Cents.....

Yeah, Dr.? Laura & her very Professional m but anner.Man,they sure drag out some Winners when they need another Boorish
cretin to slam Miley.

@ lori+snyder--

Who put the But in my Manner?
(Probably that evil Miley)


This is probably the first time I have ever agreed with Dr. Laura...


lol. mental note: did miley push the performance art envelope...or has it been pushed before? anyone still blind in 1 eye after that janet jackson superbowl piercing? compared to that I thought miley was adorable. you think she's asking her parents for financial handouts? you go girl!


I agree. It seems like she's trying way too hard.
I know the VMA stunt was just for publicity,and even bad pub is good, but WTF? Everyone I know who saw her "performance" was just laughing at her.

@ Dick Woodcock

Hey dude,
Really you can make fun of Miley while using a moniker like that?
You trashers are such asses.


she is starting to look 'Cheap'. Agree, folks?

@ abe

And you.getting desparate to get another Cheap Shot at Miley. She looks better than you on her worst day.You haters just drone on & on..Not one ounce of life experience,awareness or comprehension displayed amongst the lot of you.

@ abe

Abe, you say that she is "starting"? Where have you been?! This has been going on for quite a while and she is on the precipice of making a monumental mistake at the rate that she is traveling at. I'd say that porn is going to be her next avenue since she can't possibly shock anymore than she has while having to be "censored". I thought that Madonna and Brittney were bad, but people just use them as excuses to dismiss Miley's crude and disgusting performances/behavior. I'm afraid that there aren't any standards of decency anymore. Look around at today's teens and decide for yourself whether or not any of this has an impact on the way that teens act and dress. On facebook the F word is in rampant use for teen girls and they use very sexually charged language which is just an indication that there is no longer any innocence beyond the 6th grade. I'm afraid that the day has arrived when the words "reputation" and "ladylike" have absolutely zero value to 90% of today's young women. She says that "she didn't have a childhood"..well who put a gun to her head and said that she had to be in show business?? She had a rich daddy and she could have dropped out at any time. The fact is that there is such a sense of entitlement for some people who want the fame and money, but not the rules that go with being in the public eye especially where children are concerned. I myself cannot imagine not wanting to be idolized by millions of children and what would compel someone to abandon those adoring fans to be just another cheap whore to throw onto the mountainous pile that already exists. What is WRONG with being America's sweetheart?

@ Val

Umm...Don't blame Miley for everything that the lost innocence of today's youth.It's mostly the internet & sexist videos & advances in technology that allow kids to watch Porn anytime.You wonder why the girls feel the need to act sexy after the junk they see, the way guys expect them to give it up? The young guys have also felt this pressure & gotta play the game.Sexting, YouTube, ads., Victoria's Secret models & it goes on & on.Look at the language used to trash Miley.Horrendous.
No-one has ever criticized Selena Gomez for her blatant sexploitation in her Award Winning song Come'n Get It. Yes, she seems like a sweet girl but the words & video to that melodically challenged tune contain all those 'problems' of young woman that concern you so much. Lyrics akin to 'Here I am, c'mon Get It' accompanied by shots of nothing but Selena posing suggestively(her lips, her body swaying,all shots of her face & body) & that is the whole video.
So if that's what is winning awards & fans, That message is very clear.Girls sell Sex & our society.So Miley got some Weird gig but this stuff is all over.People are O.K. if it's in a pretty dress.
Miley Cyrus did Not ruin America, or teens or Innocence.That was just a bad idea from bad management.

@ Val

You could not be more correct- on all of it.

@ Sims

Actually, her delusions about how society reached it's present state
were not only one big Incorrect
'BlameFest' but unbelievably naive & immature.Really. Miley should have quit when she was younger because she didn't Have to Work? She should have known
that she had this choice when she was a Child? How stunned are you people.Oh yes,the entitled & the rich & daddy's money. That's what ruined this world. So telling of your own selfishness.You simpletons fill your own insecurities by knocking down anybody in the ent.industry who
makes an imperfect choice. Miley, in the course of time & reflection, will still be the good, and unique person she has always been.Your type will still be bitter bitches.
How very interesting that the same people who call her an untalented whore are still pining for the old Hannah.What does that say about her 'talent' when you who trash Miley still think she really was 'Hannah'? Says damn Good Actor.
So what if she is being influenced unwisely at this time? If You had a proper upbringing yourselves you would Cut her Some Slack.
Grow up & quit looking for a Scapegoat for your Own Problems.


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