Miley Cyrus: Standing on Her Hands, Flipping Us Off

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So much for elegant Miley Cyrus.

In a new set of photos snapped by Terry Richardson, the singer goes back to her very edgy persona, grabbing her crotch and impressing us wih a handstand... while also flipping the camera a couple birds.

Click on each racy image now for a larger version:

  • Miley Cyrus Crotch Grab Pic
  • Miley Cyrus Handstand
Miley Cyrus Middle Finger Pic

Miley has been all over the news lately.

She was actually spotted with Liam Hemsworth at the latter's movie premiere a few days ago, while she took exception to a few critics on Twitter this week and told the world she knows she's white.

For more on what the artist has been up to, click Play below:

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Wow what muscles!


Interesting... my comment was pulled presumably for using the word "horny" in describing a young woman, yet calling her a whore is deemed acceptable. This site obviously mirrors society in their fear and loathing of sexually liberated women. How sad.


She's disgusting!


Yeah! We need another parental intervention here. Another mess, who is screwing up her looks....and reputation.


An Amanda Bynes wanna be.


This is what happens when parents let Disney raise the kids!"


I think she will change herself after one year,i dont why but i am pretty sure she will change herself she said that she wants a grammy,so i think she is doing all this to win grammy she is working really hard for grammy.I am happy that she has got new album and i am sure it will become a hit .Best of luck miley

@ arunendu

Yeah she will change and tomorrow I just know that I will wake up, roll over and Kate Winslet will be laying next to me in a lavender teddy. Then the phone will ring and Greenspan will be on the line asking my advice on the national interest rate. I'm sure shortly before lunch I will buy the winning powerball ticket and wipe my but with $100 bills shortly thereafter. Then.........


This bitch has turned into a disaster. Nobody has taken advantage of her yet ( shes asking for it) simply because they can't believe what they are seeing!


she looks just like the whore down the street... so sad...such talent and just pure trash she has become just to show the world she is not hannah montana any longer...there are better ways to do that and unfortunately she chose this path...