Miley Cyrus Responds to VMA Controversy with Racy Pics, Self-Congratulatory Tweet

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She can't be tamed. Nor can she be made to apologize.

In light of her controversial appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night - which included Twerking, graphic foam finger waving and simulated stuffed bear humping - Miley Cyrus isn't focusing on the negative responses across the Internet.

She's simply focusing on the fact that there were responses.

Miley Cyrus Middle Finger Pose
This is Miley Cyrus

"Smilers! My VMA performance had 306,000 tweets per minute," Cyrus wrote yesterday, including with the message a couple new, racy images (above).

"That's more than the blackout or Superbowl! #fact."

It's true.

As Brooke Shields said - along with referring to Cyrus as desperate - the entire entertainment world is talking about Miley, so if her goal was mere attention... she accomplished it.

But will the backlash negatively affect the aritst's career in the long run? Did she go too far in her attempt to simply generate headlines?

What did YOU think of Miley's VMA performance?


She's an entertainer and I don't have a problem with her unique way of entertaining. We are not living in the dark ages and God knows what other people do behind their closed doors ! Case closed !


She not a sexy women in the first place, I don't why she dances like she is a sexy dancer or singer, she look out of place with those moves?

@ tom

You said it! Behind closed doors..she needs to keep it behind closed doors with LIAM Hemsworth, if this is his kind of thing!


Guys "STOP" talking about her and it don't you see it's best we don't mention her ever ever ever ............


Robin is a married man, how disrespectful to his wife, no wonder she is no longer engaged, would you bring that home to Mom?

@ Binky

Never mind Robin's wife, if I were Miley I'd be more concerned about what Liam's parents would think of her obnoxious, vulgar performance. Poor Liam, I actually feel sorry for the guy. Can't blame him if he drops her like a hot potato!! Run Liam, Run!!!


Hopefully this event will get the attention of parents who have a "MORAL INVESTMENT" in their children. What this event has done is add another page in the book as to how America cries white females. There was nothing creative about it. 1st of all I don't give a damn about the other females. I have 2 blonde haired sons and I will guide them away from young white females when they become of age. Somehow Miley has received info that she is on the verge of becoming the next B. Spears or Madonna. Once it's been done the "REDO" is not effective. Miley parents may or may not be doing damage control but "That Event" helped her reach her peak. The only fanbase she can hope for is young white females who love rap and Blacks neither of which she can carry. She's up against the wall and a rapper boyfriend is her only way to go in order to get more attention. It's time we get the trash off TV.

@ Let's clean it up.

Excuse your ignorance but it's not just ONLY 'young white females'. it's girls of all ethnic groups that are her fan base. I am a young white female and I think the way she acted on stage was just disgusting and I know a TON of young white females that feel the same way I do, and we are far from her fan base. Like honestly that's really disrespectful for you to say that about us. Please do not call out one ethnic group, and think about what you say next time. Thanks.

@ A Young White Female

Yes and I am a white male. Maybe you haven't heard- I don't give a damn about other races females. Maybe you haven't seen but young white females LOOK to be the easiest screw in the land. They are everywhere showing their ass, porn, 16&preggers, videos etc. they will hook up with any race creed or color for either money or fame. Most have the loyalty of a crack head and they have no idea as to how their "leg spreading" will follow them around. I see their ass's in a line every freaking where I go and all of them teenagers with child, no man, no money, no education and pretty much fu*ked for life! If you are not one- CONGRATULATIONS But don't bullshit yourself and especially don't try and Bullshit me because I know better! Young White Female Fu*kups are a dime a dozen! They are a damn embarrassment! As I said- mine are educated and the last thing they need is some no moral, no talent, no dignity YOUNG WHITE FEMALE!


I don't know where to start.. This chick is nuts! I thought MTV bought into a porn site! She was nothing but skanky trash! Liam needs to run the other way! I agree, she'll be the next train wreck.

@ janie

LMAO. So true.

@ janie

Wow I said same thing . TV is now all porn nothing left that has morals


She's just being a young slightly irresponsible kid who experiments with drugs,sex and pissing the masses off big time! Looks like she's succeeding yay! Way to go for naturally dumb 20yr Olds.


But it's negative attention. Only the media can act like god and take something all of America thinks is crappy and make light of how we feel and make this the greatest thing to hit the USA well now I get so now next time something happens we don't like we can never mention it. " NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS" policy . That's how you want it that's how you'll get it. The more we speak if her the more we'll get shit like its I from now on AMERICA silence on Miley Cyrus . Don't mention her name from now on or write about it or anything starting now ..........,....................................


Why do I get the feeling she's gonna be the next train-wreck...

@ Reika

You mean she's not one already?

@ Dartanion

Hey shit head. Why are you taking up my space. Your verbiage is an oxymoron.

@ Lynn S.

Suck my cock you shriveled old CUNT.


*ok move on


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