Miley Cyrus Poses with Pot Leaves

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Miley Cyrus really should just move to Colorado at this point.

The singer, who has made her affection for marijuana very clear in a couple recent interviews, posted two new photos to Twitter over the weekend.

Both are from an upcoming spread in Notion magazine and both reveal an interesting fashion choice. No, we're not referring to Miley's obvious disdain for pants.

We're talking about the pot leaves adorning her top, as seen here:

  • Miley Cyrus Notion Photo
  • Miley Cyrus Winks

This is not the first time Cyrus has sported the leaf as an accessory.

As for why she prefers pot to alcohol, the following video explains this artist's stance on the drug:

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LMAO! Those are not pot leaves! Sorry THG but you guys look like idioits right now!


Uh yeah, I don't smoke Pot, but I certainly know what the heck Marijuana leaves look like. Really? Did you post such stupid statement just to get boost your ratings with the huge backlash you knew you would get?


Some should definitely be sent to the blackboard to write-Duh, I don't even know what marijuana leaves look like! 100 times.

@ jdelaney



WTF Those aren't pot leaves.


This is reminscent of the 70s when everyone was flaunting marajana leaves, which the illegal use was a vanguard for young people. Thought we had moved on?


How many comments about these leaves NOT being Cannibis have to be posted before the article is made unavailable. You can take it down so as not to look any more stupid than you already do.


If those are marijuana leaves, I was smoking the wrong plant in the late sixties. Someone at Hollywood Gossip needs to buy a clue.


Somebody needs to do their research before posting bullshit...


Oh my god those aren't pot leaves you fucking morons... Another fake article to pull us in? Thanks so much.

@ Truth+Sayer

They don't even remotely look like pot leaves. Nobody ever would mistake them for them, so you can't honestly tell us that you mistook these for pot leaves? Maybe the writer of this article needs some pot for their glaucoma so they can see straight?