Miley Cyrus on Changing Appearance, Attitude: It's Called Puberty!

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Miley Cyrus is well aware of her recent changes.

She knows she looks and sounds different than the young teenager who struck in big on Hannah Montana, but she doesn't know why it's such a big deal.

“It’s called puberty," Miley tells E!'s Kelly Osbourne. "Everyone’s done it from the beginning of time. I’m just doing it [in the spotlight] so you’re zooming in on it and you’re fascinated by it."

We're not entirely sure if everyone is flipping the camera off and grabbing their crotch on camera, but we sort of get Miley's point: she's growing up.

Cyrus adds that people don't seem to comprehend she's a "real human being" and that she's intent on using her fame for good.

Case in point: those Miley Cyrus nude shirts that help from skin cancer awareness. Explains Cyrus:

“If I can just use where I am in my career and use myself as a pedestal to do good - even if it means getting naked, ’cause more people are gonna look at it."

We're not really sure Miley can play the "I'm just like everyone else card!" while also acknowledging she has a career that places her on a "pedestal," but hey. We're not gonna argue with charitable results.

Look for Miley's new album BANGERZ to be released on October 8.

In the meantime, look at some GIFs of Miley Cyrus Twerking:

Miley Cyrus Twerk
Miley Cyrus Twerkin'
Miley Twerkin'

shes grown up seems like stressed out like every pubertites but take control miley


miley cyrus is just getting older but still she has gone to far because she WAS a big role model to all the littlegirls


Puberty? That is not puberty at her age. She is a young, but she is an adult too. It's just in-your-face out-of-control bad behavior and disrespect. Some will enable and encourage her because some people like to watch someone destroy themself. Hopefully, there are enough who care about her who will protect her from herself.


Puberty? She wants buckets of cash now instead of building a career over the long term. Anyone with a couple of brain cells can see that. The press is starting to ignore her now, so she is trying to jack the public around by saying this was a case of puberty gone wild. How dumb does she think the public is? Opening her legs and shaking her butt got her noticed. For a hot minute. But everyone is tired of seeing her stuff. There is no mystery left. Miley's latest soft porn dance in a gigantic bear costume looks like a cry for help.


Go back to school Miley....Puberty is in your early teens or late tweens.
Guess how they learned ya down in Tennessee.


You can go through "puberty" without grabbing your crotch, sticking out your tongue constantly, "twerking", and wearing next to no clothes. I don't care what she or anyone else says. She is setting a horrid example for girls everywhere. Anyone heard of acting like a lady? Being classy? No?

@ Teen16

Not only that but she went through Puberty years ago. She's 20 years old. She's an adult and not going through puberty anymore, but nice excuse (not). She's always been slightly perverted though. When she was only 13 she was pulling down her pants and doing panty "moon" photos for people. And no not everybody goes through this or does this. Maybe some enablers tell her that or maybe she just is that naive. She's one of the least mature people in the spotlight. And yeah, we do see her more because of her being there but that's still no reason to act like such a weirdo. I don't know many girls that act like she does, a few horrible sluts I know do when really drunk but most girls aren't doing this stuff. She's full of crap and I'm offended that she'd try to say all girls go through this.


Only a very young person could do all that tweaking in that hotter than hell costume.


It's not puberty at age 20!!!


mr...what you want and what happens are 2 different things unless you home school your daughter, keep her away from peers, never go shopping to see magazine covers etc...dont shelter your daughtet from the real world


Its not puberty if you have always been trash and still look like hooker my daughter will never know who she is i dont want my daughter to become a cheap whore who looks like a dyke


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