Mel Gibson to Star as Villain in The Expendables 3

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Mel Gibson is set to make an explosive movie comeback.

The mostly hated upon actor will star in The Expendables 3 as that action film's main villain, writer/producer Sylvester Stallone confirmed today.

Gibson, Mel

The announcement comes on the heels of a few other headlines related to the surefire blockbuster:

  • Bruce Willis reportedly balked at a mere $3 million for a few days of work. He insisted on $4 million... and was axed from the franchise.
  • But Harrison Ford is now on board!
  • Antonio Banderas will also appear in The Expendables 3, with Stallone referring to his former Assassins co-star as “a consummate actor and a gentleman” in a statement. We'll take that as a veiled shot at Willis.

That comment about Mel Gibson hating Jews isn't fair. Folks can be angry with people in a group, or a group, without hating them. Jews in Hollywood are very angry with Christians, or certain Christians, much, much more. Find all the Jewish directors, producers, writers, and actors involved in many anti-Christian films and tv shows, and it will astound you. So just be fair in recognizing the overwhelming reversal of dislike, in Hollywood, toward the Christian from the Jews, than the other way around. In other news, so glad to see Mel come back!


YES! YES! YEEEEEESSSS!!! This is what I am talking about! The list of Combinations is---ENDLESS!
Mel Gibson, AKA: MAD MAX(Trilogy) 'Crazy' Martin Riggs(4 Lethal Weapon's) and the completely Vicious 'Porter' (in the epic 'PAYBACK')---OF COURSE He'll make a GREAT,RUTHLESS,VILLAIN!!!
Then,Throw in Antonio Banderas, AKA: ZORRO. Miguel Bane(in ASSASSIN'S). And, also, El Mariachi(in DESPERADO, and ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO)---ABSOLUTELY!!!
Like Mel,Eric Roberts,Van-Damme,or even George Clooney(remember Dusk til' Dawn?) Banderas can equally play a Hero or a Villain. The credibility,enthusiasm,and skills, are there in either role!
I Truly believe that Expendables #3 is Gonna ROCK the Box Office next year, 'cause---It's gonna be OFF-THE-CHAIN!!!
Come on---think about it Action-Fan's: You are about to have 'Indiana Jones', 'Mad Max', 'El Mariachi','The Transporter' and 'Rambo'(Just to name a few) ALL IN THE SAME ACTION MOVIE!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!
Man---I am wishing that 2014 was here already!
Later all; Hollywood---out.


his "Yellow" dentures are gone?

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