Megalodon: Fake Documentary Kicks Off Shark Week 2013

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Those who tuned in for the beginning of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel might have been waiting for that moment they realized they were being rickrolled. 

Megalodon Documentary

The channel kicked off their legendary week celebrating the deep sea killers with the most infamous of sharks, Megalodon. In a two hour documentary, they took a good look at the mythic creature and did their best to draw him out.

In fact, they even used a "chum cannon" to help facilitate what they called "power chumming" to hopefully arouse the beast. 

That's right, power chumming. If you didn't realize the "documentary" was fake by that point, well then....

Of course, this is the internet, and there are plenty of people just waiting, ready and willing, to complain about every little thing. Including a fake documentary about (likely) fictitious animal.

Angry viewers have taken to Shark Week's Facebook page in angry droves. With complaints ranging from "disappointed" to the more elaborate, "Absolutely disgusted with the kick off of shark week. Fake documentary on Magalodon. Way to go discovery channel. You should change your name to Fantasy Channel. Like I said, absolutely disgusted. Another year like this and Shark Week will be extinct too."

Lesson learned. Megalodon may not be real, but there is no doubt that internet rage lives on!

Have no fear though, it appears as if "real" Shark Week programming will return tonight. 






What bit the whale's tail off then? Bigfoot!?!


Discovery has pissed me off with this fake shit, I've been tuning into Shark Week since a kid. It used to be comprised of scientific shows and research leading to new information and/or "discoveries" (No pun intended). Everything has been a disaster this year, what are these reality TV drama shows they've been showing for 2013?? I DONT watch television because it's full of JUNK now a days, and Shark Week IS the only week I look forward to actually tuning into, and finding something good to watch. Discovery, you have failed me, the whole network has been a lot of reality TV as far as I can see by all of the advertisement such as "Tickle" and the like. Looks like the fat cats are not only screwing up the music industry, they've managed to get into educational TV as well. Next year I'll just keep the TV off, put a few GoPro's attached to the bottom hull of a kayak and chum for sharks... Hell maybe I'll even throw in some dramatic music and get my own show for Shark Week 2014. --You're lost #1


hi I'm a big fan last years shark week was awesome I have a birthday coming up it is 8/23/2003 I love watching you guys they are awesome sharks so keep it up


Discovery channel makes me sick, you have taken an already maligned and almost extinct species and turned it into a joke! Shark species are in danger and instead of choosing to support them you have continued to show them as man eaters, as opposed to the truly magnificent and essential creatures that they are! I will NEVER watch discovery channel again!!!!!!!!!!!


Discovery Channel has reached new lows. Fool me once, I'm done. Too late for the "real" shark material if there was to be some.


Rot in hell discovery channel. You people make me sick. So much for education and factual accounts. I guess the almighty dollar reigns supreme. Screw you. Shark week is over for us and everyone we know.


The only thing I discovered is this channel being full of shit. Way to go

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