Marilyn Monroe Death: 51 Years Later, the Legend Grows

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Marilyn Monroe died 51 years ago Monday.

The Los Angeles Times' front page the following day - August 6, 1962 (51 years ago today) shows the impact of the icon's loss at the age of 36:


The star died of a drug overdose under circumstances that are still debated to this day. What is not debated is that her legend has only grown since.

Marilyn. Her name alone says it all.

A woman blessed with beauty, shrouded in mystery, befallen by tragedy and passing away at far too young an age, Monroe was ahead of her time.

Astonishingly, Marilyn was considered talented, versatile, vivacious, troubled and profoundly sexual during her prime. That image still applies today.

The blond, curvy, breathy star and her life fascinate and inspire countless celebrities (see Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos) and regular fans alike.


Enigmatic and vulnerable, innocent yet sexually iconic, and never far from a tinge of scandal, Marilyn was a walking embodiment of American culture.

In death, she also became a sympathetic figure, a victim of her own fame. She lost control of her own greatness and was often taken advantage of.

We project hopes, dreams, memories, indelible images and cautionary tales to her all the time. Some reasonable and some appropriate, others less so.

One thing you can never take away or overstate when it comes to Marilyn Monroe, however, is this simple truth: There will never be another like her.


She was so unique! Miss U Marilyn!!


my legend started about 39 years ago..............


Yes, the legend does grow.
I was at Marilyn's crypt for the 51st anniversary.
Judging by the people, flowers, notes and more, it is clear that Marilyn Monroe is as popular today as ever and maybe even more so.
Only the truly great ones are this iconic years after they died. George Vreeland Hill


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