Mackenzie Douthit: Pregnant! Married! In Need of Gun!

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Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit is causing quite a stir online, declaring she’s pregnant, married and having a meltdown ... all in the same 24 hours.

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The 18-year-old reality star first took to Facebook Monday, declaring, “Yes. For everyone wondering, im 12 weeks pregnant…. time to tell the truth.”

She then Tweeted, “been married for months but im not allowed to get pregs with my husband without miami girls subtweeting… do i look like I care????”

Subtweeting is another way of saying subliminally tweeting, passive-aggressively calling someone out on Twitter without actually mentioning names.

Mackenzie Douthit, who has a 1-year-old son named Gannon, got plenty of reactions to her life-changing proclamations, which she replied to on Facebook.

The 16 & Pregnant alum says it took so long for her to break her silence about the marriage and pregnancy because she didn't want to be judged. She writes:

“Yes I love evrryone checking on me, but yes I have reached my breaking point and have literally been through hell and back these last three days."

LITERALLY been to hell and back. Sounds rough.

She adds, "I have kept this a secret because im probably the easiest target of all miami to judge. I only told cause people are asking why im fat lol…."

Not over dramatic at all.

"So im not texting anyone back right now I need some time to myself. So sorry if ur mad cause im not textinf back. Or mad cause you didnt know about this…”

In subsequent Facebook posts, she referenced an ongoing battle with insomnia and a disconcerting meltdown in which she said she wanted a firearm.

“They say you die faster without sleep than withought food….. hmm how and why am I alive,” Mackenzie tweeted, adding “I need a gun…. now.”

And that about brings you up to date on Douthit's drama, which could rival that of Jenelle Evans, Amber Portwood or Farrah Abraham if she keeps it up.

The new season of Teen Mom 3 premieres August 26.

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This show is an absolute disgrace. The entertainment Industry should be ashamed of itself for promoting these low class retards willing to exploit themselves and their unwise choices.

@ Big+daddy

very well said. I agree totally.


I don't think she knows what the word literally means. Because I have been to Hell and back several times myself but i'm sure our experiences are quite different. Hell is the name of a town in Grand Cayman and myself and my family love it. I am sure she hasn't literally been to Hell.

@ keisha

Hell is a town in Michigan, too! And, yes, it freezes over every winter.


WTF are these hair brained troubled teens you are always writing about on this site. Is your target audience 16 and stupid.