Machine Gun Kelly Receives Oral Sex From Rachel Starr in Concert

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Rapper Machine Gun Kelly received oral sex from his sometime girlfriend, adult film actress Rachel Starr, in concert in Dallas, Texas on Friday night.

The X-rated incident was captured on video, which is not published here, however it's not the first time he's received oral relief on stage (see below, from April).

With his shorts unbuttoned and boxer shorts exposed, Starr began performing on Kelly in a raunchy moment that took place in front of stunned fans.

Wild child Starr later confirmed it was her performing the act.

“If only they saw what happened in Dallas last night! LMFAO,” the adult star wrote on Twitter. Kelly, for his part, said,  “I’m actually pretty tame these days.”

Starr, a 23-year-old porn star, retorted to the rapper, also 23, “I beg to differ! Maybe I’m just showing you how fun it is to break the rules again!”

The incident is not out of the box for the pair, as a matter of fact.

In addition to the above clip, Kelly admitted once having a threesome with Rachel Starr and another women, all while recorded on video of course.

“We made a flick too,” MGK said in a radio interview. “We did a threesome, too. Some randomly, come over here. This was in Texas. It was just a crazy day."

"In front of everyone. We have got multiple videos.”


rachel starr looks a rough forty. escorting and porn and all the shit that goes with it must wear a person out quick, you can usually find her whoring it up at most any bar in TX


Uh... Who is he? LOL


yea this shit happens. might not be all that pretty each his own i guess. check out this vid -


Lucky bastard

@ Lol

SO lucky!


Disgusting. WHY would people pay good money to see such filth.

@ KM0531

Lol xD This 'filth' is just beautiful music accompanied with a little party yo. He's 23 and has been hated in his whole life, let the kid have some fun lol. Haven't you ever lived!?

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