Lucy Eades, Breastfeeding Mom, Stands Up to Woman Telling Her To "Cover Up"

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Lucy Eades, a Texas mom breastfeeding in public, was recently asked to cover up.

Her response was captured on video by her husband and went viral. See below:

According to ABC affiliate WFAA, the mom of four was nursing her 16-day-old at a local recreation center while her older daughter was in dance class.

An employee asked her to cover up, but Eades steadfastly continued to nurse, saying "It is state law, I can nurse my child with or without a cover."

Eades is right: It's legal to breastfeed in public in all 50 states' Texas is one of 45 with laws specifically allowing women to do so in any public or private space.

Eventually, her husband spoke up too, and the employee walked away; Eades was reportedly the second mom asked to cover up there that day.

Later, the City of Burleson (Tex.) said in a statement: "The City of Burleson supports breastfeeding and appreciates recognition of National Breastfeeding Week."

"The city also supports the law, which states 'A mother is entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be.'"

"Today, two women were breastfeeding in or near a public entrance to the city's recreation center where we were hosting a camp for youth ages 5-13 in addition to other recreation center patrons."

"To be respectful of everyone's rights we asked the women to cover up."

"There is nothing in the law that prohibits the city from requiring a mother to cover up. We also offered a room in an attempt to be more accommodative."

"The city did not attempt to prohibit breastfeeding and fully supports the freedom of mothers to breastfeed as long as it doesn't infringe on someone else's freedom."

Reaction online was mixed, with some defending the center's position while others claiming that if you're not okay with breastfeeding moms, you're not "family friendly."

On that note, a "nurse-in" (a popular form of breastfeeding protest), is planned at the recreation center on Saturday, according to multiple reports.

What do you think? Should moms breastfeed in public?


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If my sons has to eat I really don't care where I am I'm going to feed him! Some people just have a closed mind to something they have no experience with.... smh


To the lady that was complaining (and everyone else who is on her side, and the previous commenter): When a baby is latched on and nursing there is nothing to see. You see more at the beach or the mall than you do with a breastfeeding mother, even without a cover. Do you eat with a blanket over your head? Seriously, please, just allow moms to nurse their babies in peace. You don't have to look. Also, if other kids are around - GOOD. They should learn about how babies eat the natural way. Nobody is going to see your "titties" when a baby is latched and feeding. The most you'd see is a little cleavage and the baby's head. Scandalous!!!


Im all for breastfeeding but if there are other kids around that are not your kids cover up. I wouldnt want someone seeing my titty if i was breastfeeding my baby. But some ppl have no shame.

@ umm

I agre they need to cover up kids don't need thier tits

@ Barbara+Crowley

Some babies legitimately will NOT feed if there is a blanket over their head or anything over/on their face. Would you prefer to listen to a baby scream? Cause your options might just come to "see the tops of a lady's boob" (which you'd see if she's wearing a tank top and decent bra anyway) or "listening to a very pissed off 2 week old."
The thing I don't get is that it's okay to feed a bottle in public but people freak if its breast fed. Guess what? That's WHY BOOBS EXIST! Not for fun bags, but to feed offspring.

@ Barbara+Crowley

I think you should eat with a blanket over your head and see how you like it.

@ JoJo

No, you're missing the point. The point is that breastfeeding is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of, so mothers shouldn't have to cover up. Personally I started off saying I'd cover up in public, but after my baby screamed and screamed and refused to latch if the blanket was over her (because it was hot under there), I said screw it and fed my child without a cover. If you don't have experience with it yourself, don't make assumptions about mothers who only wish to keep their baby happy and content.

@ JoJo

Breastfeeding is not shameful and shouldn't be something that has to be explained to a child. How hard is it to say "that baby is eating." 4 words and you're done.

@ JoJo

Jojo are deliberately missing the point.

@ JoJo

OK w public feeding but cover up ... not OK with making explanations to youngsters if I'm not ready to do so. Cover up & feed away.