Lisa Robin Kelly Husband, Boyfriend Point Fingers Regarding Actress' Death

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Lisa Robin Kelly's death this week has let to an outpouring of shock and sadness ... and in the case of her estranged husband and boyfriend, finger pointing.

First, Kelly's boyfriend blamed her estranged husband, Robert Gilliam, for causing the actress - who battled substance abuse problems for years - to relapse.

Now Gilliam is hitting back, saying it's all the boyfriend's fault.

According to Robert, the only reason her beau spoke out instantly after Lisa Robin Kelly died Thursday is because "he's trying to cover his own ass."

"In the last two weeks, she called me 22 times," Gilliam says.

Gilliam says he offered to help Lisa "get away from him."

He won't elaborate on why, but says he told her she had to check in to a rehab center closer to North Carolina, where they lived when they were together.

Gilliam says Lisa, whose death has been labeled a mystery pending autopsy results, began making arrangements for her to do just that ... and then she died.

The boyfriend, of course, says this story is totally false.

He says Lisa's demons were the result of the physical and emotional abuse inflicted by - you guessed it - Gilliam, who was convicted of beating her in May.

Kelly was also arrested for assault last November following a violent dustup with Gilliam, so it's hard to take anything he says without a boulder of salt.



a catfight between boy's? IT'S POSSIBLE IN LA, folks!!


Obviously she didn't get the help she needed from either guy. I believe it's harder for women to stop drinking because they are better at hiding it. RIP Lisa.


It's sad and with that! Yeah - CYA and lets do it the American way! Bottom line- EACH & EVERYONE is responsible for their own well being! It's called accountability, responsibility. & reliability & none of those 3 gives a tinkers damn how inconvenient it is to that individual.