Lindsay Lohan Parties With Max George, Remains Sober Allegedly

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Lindsay Lohan spent time with former boning companion Max George Thursday morning, but allegedly did not relapse during her night on the down.

LiLo and The Wanted singer were seen leaving an all-night bash at the Mondrian West Hollywood, leading many to wonder if she's fallen off the wagon.

“The party went on all night long and was so loud that guests were complaining,” a source told the NY Post. “Lindsay was there with Max George."

"The Wanted have been staying at the Mondrian for a couple of days, and Lindsay, who briefly dated Max a while back, was partying with the band.”

The insider said that LiLo and her little sister, Ali Lohan, waited in the hotel lobby, and when the sisters met up with the boy band, bedlam ensued:

“There were so many complaints about the noise that hotel staff had to shut the party down and Lindsay had to be taken out of there by security."

"People who saw Lindsay said she looked a total mess … she looked so beat up.”

The troubled star, of course, is fresh off a 90-day rehab stint. A Lohan source said that while she did visit George, this report is greatly exaggerated:

“She didn't drink, she was in bed by midnight, and she showed up on time for therapy [Thursday] morning,” the insider said. “She has a sober coach.”

In other news, she has a new movie out, The Canyons, which is notable for copious amounts of Lindsay Lohan nude scenes and that's kind of it.

She skipped the premiere to focus on her sobriety, and canceled her Europe trip for the same reason, and has Oprah on speed dial ... so fingers crossed.

Can she keep it together for real?


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We didn't think Britney Spears or Drew Barrymore would recover but they did. Why not Lindsay?


Using with Oprah's cameras in tow? No way. Lindsay is an addict not stupid. Her interview with Oprah was authentic. I could see it. The tabloids need to stop trying to destroy her cuz this is someone's life. It's disgusting. Truly unacceptable. There's a lot you guys aren't telling us. Not stupid.


It's really quite simple, she's not supposed to be anywhere near drugs or alcohol. This means no parties where either is being used, no clubs, no rock concerts, etc.
Sure, her rep denies it...her people have denied everything and always will. Big surprise.