Lindsay Lohan on Oprah's Next Chapter: I'm an Addict (But Focused)!

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Lindsay Lohan says she is an addict who took a long time to get it together, but she has, and her future is looking much brighter these days.

In her much-anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey last night, the troubled actress declared that this, her sixth stint in rehab, will be the charm.

We know what you're thinking, and Oprah asked her point blank: How is this possibly different than all the other times Lindsay Lohan has gone to rehab?

The 27-year-old said she's in "a completely different head space" now and vowed to stay "present and clear-headed and focused" going forward.

"I feel whole again," she told Winfrey, "and I have such a desire to want to keep this feeling and stay this way, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes."

Lohan acknowledged an addiction to alcohol, which "in the past was a gateway to other things for me," but she offered no specifics other than cocaine.

That drug, she says, she has used no more than 15 times.

Winfrey asked what she's on now. LiLo replied, "Vitamins."

"You're not on any prescription drugs?" Winfrey pressed.

"No, no," Lindsay Lohan insisted, then checked herself:

"I take Nexium. Because I have acid reflux."

Better than Adderall.

The wide-ranging interview will be followed by an eight-part docu-series on OWN, and in setting that up, this sit-down certainly touched on all the topics.

Lindsay also discussed her unusual family situation, her first wake-up call, why she wanted to go to jail initially, and what made her feel whole again.

Oprah, as expected, was kind and approachable but did not shy away from asking the tough questions or broaching difficult subjects very straightforwardly.

Lindsay confessed that her familiarity with such a chaotic life was like an addiction as well, and fed her much-reported partying and her brushes with the law.

She says she takes full blame for her mistakes, however, and Winfrey asked if she can turn it around this time, Lohan said without hesitation, "Yeah."

Can she? You be the judge ...


ilove moves


Lindsay is pathetic. Shes a drunk, a thief, loves Cocaine & has abused aderal for years, shes been in many drunk driving accidents, yet she wants us to feel sorry for her. Anyone of us would have been in jail long ago. She is nothing but a child actor & needs to move on, her career was dead years ago.


Oh Please, She's an addict! She's addicted to drama. What about all the kinky sex party's her and Mom Lohan had high on cocaine or meth with two or three dudes fucking em silly then seeing who could swallow the most cum, all on film!!!!!


Oh look, Lilo gave herself a permanent duckface.


She's out of denial, that's the 1st stage in recovery,so she will make it!


She's out of denial, that's the 1st stage in recovery,so she will make it!


Lindsay has totally learned her lesson by now & Becomes Straight Edge for the whole Future.


First of all I did not believe a single word this junkie said. I am also so sick & tired of her, like I'm sure many many people are. If she died tomorrow, I could care less....She sickens me. PERIOD.......

@ Gina

agree. they are all fakes, phonies and frauds--ESPECIALLY o.w.!!!!

@ meg

And you are the only real'Ones'?
That's SCARY.

@ Gina

Now imagine if someone were to say the same thing about your Rachety ass......


So sad. Still just terrible judgment. Still nobody around her with an ounce of sense, including her screwed up parents. At least Oprah talked her out of running away to Europe. I really do not think she has learned anything. So sad.


She's nothing but a Goddamn liar. Aren't addicts in true recovery supposed to be honest anout their addictions? She totally used a pipe which had ruined her front teeth, but she claims she snorted coke no more that 15 times?! And her parents aren't conpletely culprits? As long as she is enmeshed in a toxic relationship with Dina she'll never get better. Surprise surprise, this time is NO DIFFERENT than the others. Lindsay will never be honest or in recovery. She'll white knuckle sobriety until the heat is off of her, and then it's back to he old ways.

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