Lindsay Lohan Interview Delivers Subpar Ratings For Oprah

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Lindsay Lohan's much-hyped sit-down with Oprah Winfrey didn't deliver the kind of ratings the latter might have hoped, though it's not TOO surprising.

After all, Lindsay Lohan Fatigue is a real condition, even among ardent celebrity gossip fans. At a certain point, you've heard and seen it all before.

Lohan's admission that she is an addict who is on the right track now resonated with Oprah, who has taken the troubled starlet under her wing. 

Yet the post rehab tell-all failed to hit the 1 million mark, as the one-hour special broadcast of Oprah's Next Chapter averaged 892,000 viewers.

For reference, in the same program and format, Lance Armstrong's Tour de France confessions brought in a whopping 4.3 million viewers for O.

LiLo's confessions, however interesting, only drew in a 0.66 rating, which is barely a bump from OWN's regular Sunday night programming at 0.62.

Give Lindsay Lohan credit for seeming genuine and answering all of the hard-hitting questions about her addiction and family troubles, at least.

Here's hoping the low ratings aren't a harbinger of her future career.

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"A harbinger of her future career"???? What future career? Please.


Both viewing numbers AND rating were above series average. Just in case you missed it. As for fatigue. I am sure Lindsay will look forward to that! No more papz following her 24/7 and no more tabloids making up stories. And no more 1,000s of gossip sites with a simple copy/paste of those made up stories without a single brain cell activated, if the story might be fabricated.


Hype? How the hell can you hype ANYTHING that continues to happen! Yeah- like Oprah has the inside track on recovery. GTF out of here.